Blue Hour from Ponte dell’Accademia

I have a very long and busy day coming up so I shall post tomorrow today, so to speak. I felt this blue hour shot may merit processing. Let’s see what you think of the result. I looked very, very closely at the sky and concluded any patchy shading is actually cloud. That’s my story anyway. 70 seconds at iso 400.

Accademia LE

I have to attend a board meeting tomorrow and there is a directors dinner afterwards. Mrs. Ha is invited and can put her glad rags on. The old dog can get away with collar and tie. Lulu stays at home.


19 thoughts on “Blue Hour from Ponte dell’Accademia

  1. I think this is outstanding! Completely agree with Mr. Kent’s comment. Process pronto! My 2 cents worth.

    • This is a different shot, Yvonne. I would not short change you! The light trails are different and it’s all a matter of taste which people prefer but I will only print 1 of these large so, I am testing a few to see the reactions. Does one or other stand out?

  2. If anyone would look like they belong at a gala dinner, it would be the Princess L. I hope you plan on bringing home a Lulu bag.
    I liked you earlier blue hour shot, but this is even better, Andrew. Love those trails.

  3. It took me a while to find the other “blue hour” but this one is my preference and it was posted October 2, 2014. T copied what you wrote and pasted your comment in my reply.

    “This was my first shot from the bridge at 6.18am, with the whole bridge to myself. I guessed the exposure and it turned out better than I had expected at the time. 58 seconds, iso 400, F16 and an equivalent of 27mm focal length.”

    I like this one the best since I’m not overly fond of streaks of light and don’t care much for slow shutter speeds except in rare situations. So, the October 2nd photo gets my vote but that is just me. The scene is more serene and not “busy.”

    • Thanks a lot taking the trouble to go back, Yvonne. My choice changes depending on mood. I will let them stew for a while before deciding. I do like the light streaks but in moderation.

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