Print 2

I have picked some of my images from the Europe trip and I’d like you to decide which is the best in your opinion. The top 2 scorers I will get printed asap.

A.Shades of Venice BPlazaMayorSalamanca-2 CSalutedawn DSalute predawn EIMG_2291 FIMG_2293 GDSCF2501-2 HFamilymeal IIMG_2285JFrom Ponte dell'AccademiaAs part of decompression from the intensity of photographing almost daily for 3 weeks I have been looking at a few books. The one that has arrived most recently was excellent. The photographer was mentioned in Venice in Winter and I ordered from Amazon Gianni Berengo Gardin – Stories of a Photographer.

He is still alive and is well into his 80s, having been born in 1930. His work has a feel of Cartier Bresson to it although he declines the comparison. Some of his Venice images brought back thoughts of my own efforts; G and H above for example. Clearly his are much better and it was fascinating how he took the same thought process and made a much better image. I found myself looking at his photographs in much more detail to see how he composed them. I have a sense that I am on a journey of discovery photographically. Some of the other photographers referred to in his book are now going to be on my book wish list. One thing that did make me smile was the comment that Leica Fotografie magazine once rejected his photos as being grainy. Now that seems a virtue as we look back with nostalgia.

I also tried to play with image G to see if I could get more impact by cropping. After several goes I dropped the idea. Somehow the single face amongst the sea of the crowd seems to have more impact than trying to zoom in on it. And quality suffers too, Probably too much noise / grain 😉

If I print these larger format I may well end up processing them slightly differently. We shall see. But your feedback will help me think through what works and what does not.





53 thoughts on “Print 2

  1. Andrew, what size are you thinking of for the prints?

    There was a display of Gardin’s works in Venice when I was there a while back. Isn’t he brilliant!

  2. This is a vile thing to do to your followers, Andrew ! – what criteria are we to apply ? – what filters., so to speak ?
    In lieu of any guidance, I suppose I would choose C and F. Damn you.

  3. Oh this is hard! IF you arrange / going to hang them togerher I guess that you have to do edit them differently. I like the long shuterspeed photo, but only by itself.D. The other one J is also good but only by themselves. My avsolute favorite is the woman in the crowd. 🙂

    • J was a late entry that may need some additional interpretation. The woman in the crowd may look good blown up. I think it’s worth trying. It looked good when printed postcard size.

      • Yeah, I think so. It is hard to say, but I think you should at least keep to the same style if you want to of them. I like a lot of them so had a hard time choosing. It is really good shots!

  4. C and H. Because I like the composition. The light in C is unusual therefore it gives a little bit of something else to an otherwise well known view. H because there are endless stories to be told.

    • H is the oddball shot with a small point and shoot that really surprised me when I saw it. It is indeed a story shot but I wonder if it is a book image rather than a wall hanger. The jury is out. Yes to C of course.

  5. C and I
    I agree with jennypellett’s comment above – there is something special about C. Things are moving, the light is changing.
    I is just peaceful. It would look good on anyone’s wall.

    • C was on the cusp of sunrise. Blue hour had passed and I took this almost as an afterthought. The exposure is easier than pre-dawn shots but it has fortunately produced a very sympathetic image. I can see why it appeals.

  6. F is the one photograph that really stands out for me. If it needs a companion then I think that C would sit well with it. The colours are comfortable and it is an evocative image.

    • The light is so good in F, I agree it stands out. It was a handheld shot just looking through a doorway. It is a very simple shot but I was happy with the framing. But would it stand the test of time? C is more a memory shot. Hmmmmm.

  7. B F AND I as I really like those Daguerre type images. D however is the one to give most opportunity for memory jogging. The canal, the welcoming bar, the live action of the boat, the distant horizon summoning a new dawn and all the typically Ventian architecture. How would it look with the colour intensity reduced a little or even monochrome?
    A great series though. Perhaps one large coffee table book with all the images included.

    • Thanks Geoff. I am considering a book.

      So far it is clear that D, C and I are the front runners. Each image has at least one vote though. My problem is that my favourite keeps changing. Hence my need for 3rd party expert advice. I also like the Daguerre images and B keeps coming back to me. It’s very tricky. D stands out so far amongst the panel.

  8. I think b appeals to me the most but I think you need to crop it slightly to remove the down pipe on the right as I find it’s a distraction. I also really like d but wish there was a bit more room at the top of the image.

  9. A dilemma! Since I know precious little about photography, I am looking at them as artwork, so my first choice would be E, but the juxtaposition of the man’s head and the chairs in the background troubles me a bit (I want to lower the chairs by just a few millimetres or get rid of them completely). Nevertheless, I’m still torn between that image and I (splendid) and J, which has a great composition, is tranquil and yet the light really sparkles and brings it to life.

    • The background in E bothers me too. I almost left it out. D is a clear favourite now but I is doing much better than I expected. Thank you Willo.

      • Oh, wow. I’m no expert, but let’s see…

        Mario Giacometti, Fulvio Roiter, Franco Fontana are classics. Paolo Pellegrin is a hyperactive contemporary reporter with superior storytelling skills, but his genre may not be up everyone’s alley…

        Hope this helps. By the way, i met all of them…

  10. When one has a fine series like this, choosing is pretty difficult. It is such a personal matter. There may be subtleties that no one else will discern, or there may be deep meaning that is quite powerful. Not knowing those, we can only judge on our immediate response. Sooooo, I think that I could happily gaze at J every day for the rest of my life and possibly C as well. Both have such a fine quality of light and C is so “painterly” in it’s coloring and composition. I am a big fan of The Face too as alternate 1. Alternate 2 would be F for the combination of color and perspective contrast.

  11. I guess I’m not a people person! I love B, it is my fav. However, if you’re going to pick 2 that may need to flank each other, I’d go with F & I.
    I giggled to myself about D, having recently been to a mall where they had some famous prints outfitted with tiny LED lights. That might be an option. .. Maybe even have it processed on black velvet. ..

  12. B is the one that really catches my eye.. I guess it’s all subjective to what you find pleasing.. people, architecture, etc.. B is my final answer. 🙂 All of them are worthy though.

  13. I vote for D. They are all so perfect that it was difficult to decide. But then I thinned the herd by separating them into categories of “what displays how wonderful humanity is?” versus “what says, specifically, ‘Europe’?” I landed on C and D, which are both perfect. I loved the crispness of the boat, at an unexpected angle in C. I loved that the sun was not yet down but the lights were coming on, beckoning the evening visitors. But then, D had even more to say. The architecture is wonderful, of course–you’re in Europe! But its details hide in the night, and we are drawn to the life within, by the lights. The boats are a blur–we are too busy moving to take full notice of details sometimes. The contrasts in D are spectacular, and would serve your narrative so well!

    • Thank you so much for your reasoning. D is home and dry. My wife, being from Hong Kong, adores Europe. She is fascinated by its history and heritage. HK has a fairly negative approach to old buildings. After 50 years they are invariably regarded as due for demolition. So seeing Rome, Venice, Barcelona, London etc these are awe-inspiring times for her. And D will do nicely for our memories of Venice.

  14. The fourth one from the top and the last one at the very bottom. (F and I think it is J. I see my tastes are different from most folks. I pick what is pleasing to my eye and that I would not get tired of seeing.

  15. E, B, A, C… Having chosen, I looked at others choices and I see I am out on a limb. I think the light in E is sensational and after the outline of the man – a whole story in silhouette – the cobbles are so beautiful.

    • I picked it for those reasons Hilary but the background niggles me. I don’t think you are out on a limb, just slightly on A, which happens to be growing into my favourite.

  16. I know I’m way too late but my vote is B & D. Especially B is just brilliant, also the rendering and it must look marvellous as a large print on a wall. Have you thought about having acrylic prints done? Since I got my 1.60 meter Basel panorama as an acrylic, there is no way back to normal prints anymore. The luminosity is just amazing and both photos would look FANTASTIC 🙂

    • Thanks Sandra. The voting wasnt formally closed. I have not been to Central recently so no big prints done yet. I had not considered acrylic. Thanks!

      • Maybe worth a try with print D – just for a test. They are more expensive than normal prints but worth every cent IMHO 🙂

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