Interlude for Birds

Whilst I digest the extensive and valuable advice on printing here are two bird photos from the garden this afternoon.  Just for info, the top images were:

D       10 votes

C         6 Votes

B & J   5 votes

I may have scored / interpreted comments liberally and differently so please don’t bother to do a tally-check!

Common as muck but beautifully presented, it is a Chinese Bulbul.

Chinese Bulbul

Chinese Bulbul

And the local scavenger par excellence, complete with Top Cat’s cast off fish, the Black Kite.

Black Kite

Black Kite


18 thoughts on “Interlude for Birds

  1. Two glorious photos. I LOVE bird photography, but it has to be good.
    As for the voting – that’s what you get when you seek our opinions.

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