The eagle hasn’t landed

There were two White-bellied Sea Eagles circling over the house this morning. I was up at 5am to take Mrs. Ha to the airport and already working in my study by 8.30am. At 9.30am the pair was circling in front of the house and one was carrying a stick. Perhaps they had had words and it was an olive branch. But they breed between October and December so this may have been a gift from the male to the female on a hot date. Lucky girl. They were too close to get both in the same frame with an 800mm lens so here is Mr. WBSE with his offering.


29 thoughts on “The eagle hasn’t landed

    • In flight it looks darker, Dixie but I reduced the contrast a little to bring out the detail. Otherwise the blacks just get blocked out. Thanks for commenting.

  1. What a terrific scene to watch, Andrew! Excellent BIF image.
    Hopefully, Mrs. Ha will bring you a thoughtful gift from her trip (assuming her flight is for pleasure, not work, or emergency). 😊🎁

  2. Maybe it’s a dove dressed like an eagle, and the dove is carrying an olive branch of peace. Or it’s a U.S. eagle dressed to look like a sea eagle, and it’s carrying a branch to fight with… 😦

  3. Quite nice, Andrew. Isn’t it great the way simple things impress some…..a stick, some leaves, a small fish I bet you are thinking that in advance of the shopping trip results.

  4. Oh, Andrew, after a day that had some bad news and a little accident, this is the tonic I needed. What a splendid bird, I hope he gets the woman of his dreams!

    • I am really sorry its been a bad day, Yvonne. I hope things improve. I lost a friend to brain cancer last weekend. Sometimes life stinks.

      • It do, it do! But, then things get back to good again.

        That’s sad about your friend, we just never know what waiting to smack us.

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