Leaving St. Marks Square at dawn

A simple image today.


In three of the last four months I have set new records for recorded visitors to the blog. This is very gratifying. I won’t have Venice or Salamanca to offer every month but I do think the Fuji X-T1 and its light weight and high quality glass has reinvigorated my photography. Thank you very much for your company.

All my images are published under a creative commons license. If you so wish you can download them and if you ask me nicely I may send you a higher resolution version if you wish to print one or two. I am being presumptuous but you never know.


18 thoughts on “Leaving St. Marks Square at dawn

  1. I tend to get a bump of visitors in the summer months for a strange reason and I have not worked out why.
    I like the simplicity of the image as the scene speaks for itself.

    • Thanks Ben. The bump has lasted a while now but there is no obvious reason. The geographic distribution is similar, just more individuals and regular visits. Its hard work keeping the momentum though.

  2. This one I appreciate with heartfelt experience, Andrew. I’ve been here, I loved St. Mark’s Square, and seeing this wonderful picture brought back many memories. Thank you.

    • If you have a particular favourite and you don’t mind printing it yourself or having it printed locally I can send you a high res file. Most of these on the blog are under 200kb. High res can be 10s of MBs. I don’t include a watermark so you have a nice clean print. I can’t help you choose I’m afraid 😥

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