The Selfie

I spare you a selfie of me. You have suffered enough. Selfies have been around a lot longer than many people realise however. In days of yore they just took a little longer to process. Who, I wonder, took this with his 17th Century iPhone?




28 thoughts on “The Selfie

  1. Infatti avevo sentito una notizia alla tv che parlava proprio del selfie e diceva che non era proprio una novità.
    Mah, io non so che ci trovano nel farsi sempre selfie continuamente, soprattutto a se stessi, se sono con altre persone forse ci sta anche, ma sempre da soli, bohhhhh.
    Spero di essermi spiegata, ogni tanto mi incarto anche quando scrivo in italiano ahahah
    Ciao, buona giornata.

    • It stretches my Italian Pat but I think I know what you mean. Selfies do seem to have been around a long time just not the word (which I despise).

    • I loathe the word. It smacks of everything that is wrong with the debasement of the language today……….

      (rambles off into a grumbling rant about the yoof of today…..)

  2. Rembrandt. I’ve just come back from the National Gallery in London where there is an exhibition of his later works. This must be a self portrait of him in his younger days. The eyes have it.

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