Moth of the Day

I was genuinely touched by the messages and warm wishes for my upcoming op. I am told it is routine and low risk and I hope that proves the case. In some ways I am looking forward to it. Thank you all. I appreciate your support very much.

Lulu is also very happy. We bailed her out after watching the CCTV for 2 days. She is home, playing happily and enjoying her freedom again. The problem of what to do with her is still not resolved though.

I found a moth this morning and I am checking the species. I think it is might be a Chrysodeixia, possibly erisoma (since confirmed). It was on the wall by the gate. An odd place for a moth to hang around during the day. No camo whatsoever. I moved it to a safer place.IMGL6965

Must run now……………. I hope all my American friends enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Jail Dog

Lulu is in jail. She has served 2 days. She is due for release tomorrow. We will need to put her in kennels for a while until we are settled and this is a trial run. Well I hate it. She clearly does not like it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 14.03.12

She is under 24hr surveillance – suicide watch. I don’t think we or she can cope with this. So we are trying to think of other options. We visited another kennels yesterday – even worse. What can we do? Our temporary apartment does not allow pets. Should we smuggle her in and hope she does not bark? But she is a Pom. They bark. A lot. She (and we?) would be served with a solicitor’s notice PDQ.

I now have a date for my heart op and it can’t come soon enough as I am really struggling now. Lulu just makes it worse. So much stress. So I continue to photograph the garden birds. No sign again today of the Manchurian Bush Wobbler (not Japanese, alas – I still need Jap Bush as a garden tick). We have a little drizzle and the tits have taken advantage of the weather to bath and shower at the same time. A rather bed-raggled look.




Mrs. Ha did a trial language test yesterday – she needs a sticky-foot to prove she can speak to me when she arrives in Britain. She scored 49 on the practice which is only 2 marks short of qualifying to study at a university or take Holy Orders. Not sure which she should do. Neither is mandatory for shopping in Waitrose but she could say things like “Bless you, my son” to the shelf stacker, I suppose. As long of course as he doesn’t then try to confess everything. He may end up switching places with Lulu. Could she stack shelves in Tesco? There’s an idea. Ship her immediately and hide her behind the cans of baked beans. I may just have found a solution. Eureka!

Japanese Bush?

Or Manchurian Bush Warbler? Last year I had Manchurian so I would very much like a Jap Bush to add to my garden list. I didn’t think asking the audience would help and I am already at 50:50 so I’ve phoned a friend.

It was not very confiding but it allowed me a few images before it ducked out of sight. Here they are: