An unexpected visitor

Often I go out looking for bugs and stuff and find very little. Yesterday I saw something flying inside our living room and it looked like an ichneumon wasp. I decided to pot it and remove it lest it freak out Mrs. Ha. A quick look led me to blurt out “clearwing!!”. It was a moth not a wasp.

I then talked to it nicely, taught it to sit and I took its photograph. Then I let it go.

I checked in Dr. Roger Kendrick’s draft chapter on Sesiidae and quickly identified it as Ichneumenoptera sp. A. Only 4 records for Hong Kong when the chapter was drafted. This is probably number 5 or 6. By an amazing coincidence Roger called me that evening as he was surveying on our road with Mark S. I joined them and showed them the photo. The first question was “did you keep it?”

Well I did not of course and that was a shame as this is an undescribed species. Not only is it rare and undescribed but it is a bit of a popinjay. See what I mean?

Ichneumenoptera sp. A

Ichneumenoptera sp. A

Look at those afterburners!! What a gorgeous yellow cumberbund. And the white fluffy knee protectors. And all to be found without searching, just sitting in our house, maybe waiting for the rugby to come on. That really made my day. There will be more moth type photos tomorrow if I am spared.

31 thoughts on “An unexpected visitor

  1. Bloody BRILLIANT ! Who would’ve ever believed that a mere moth could look like that ?!
    How clever of it to fly into the Ha residence so that you could record it in your inimitable fashion, Andrew.

  2. Something special indeed…in the livingroom no less. You are now making me want to hunt critters smaller than my normal prey…. great. Great pic too.

  3. Wow, what luck! What a marvelous capture. I know this is heretical, but I believe that a good photo (and this is excellent) should stand for specimens, especially in cases of rarity. I know, I know, all the scientists are gnashing their teeth. This could be why, even with my degree in biology in hand, I could never land a job as one. They could no doubt detect my subversive tendencies!

    • It is a very emotive subject and you are not alone in your views. Some folk get agitated about ringing (banding) birds. I just stay quiet.

  4. HOLY MOTHY! This should be making headline news – what a marvellous critter. There’s something rather Native American about it – it reminds me of those Dream Catchers…..

  5. Spectacular! Indeed a fine looking specimen and I am glad you set it free to find a friend and hopefully work towards making them more numerous. Go forth little Ichneumonoptera….be fruitful and multiply.

  6. Considering you are in the Orient. . Are you sure this wasn’t an offspring of MOTHRA? 😉
    That is pretty darn cool. I think he’s more of the type to have surfer shorts and body piercings than a suit on. Looking forward to more pix!

  7. You made me laugh … only you could get so excited by a bug 🙂

    It is a beauty and I’m delighted it found YOU to visit. Your enthusiastic description of it is what made me laugh though … especially the white fuzzy knee protectors 🙂

  8. So exciting. Thank goodness it came to visit you as you had the knowledge and the ability to recognise and record it. I don’t find it charming aesthetically as it seems to have too many fashion accessories, but each to their own.

  9. This is truly magnificent, Andrew! Even if it were not such an extreme rarity this would be an utterly memorable encounter. It does have the appearance of a clearwing, but with bits bolted on :0) . The arrow head tail and the white kneepads really are very beautiful and so unusual. I am delighted for you and suspect I know just how excited you are!

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