The Rustic

Butterflies fly by day and moths by night. That is what most people believe. However my sci-fi clearwing moth was diurnal and rarely comes to a light at night.

This butterfly was flapping around us as we surveyed last weekend. It flies by day but also occurs at night. And here to disprove the layman’s expectation is Cupha erymanthis – The Rustic.

Cupha erymanthis

Cupha erymanthis

12 thoughts on “The Rustic

  1. He looks like he could possibly be part of an old treasure map. Find 4 more that match up and you’ll have the route to the treasure… 💰💱

  2. I like how humans make rules of thumb where in fact there are more exceptions to the rule than there are those that follow it. Nice shot, really like the clean background.

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