All change

I have been all over the place for the last 2 days and clearly The Rustic didn’t pass muster. He is sulking.

The cause of the disruption to normal service is that we have unexpectedly sold our house – the one with the view. We signed the formal sale and purchase agreement today. We have also put one of our flats on the market and will move into another apartment we have if we can get the tenants to leave. They do not want to go! This means masses of work starting of course with a huge clear out. We don’t really have any definite plans on where we will end up. Maybe here. Maybe there. Suggestions?

A major challenge is keeping Lulu happy as the apartment block does not allow dogs so it can only be a temporary resting place for us. Then the cost centres take over as I am selling their current abode.

Life is sometimes complicated. Mrs. Ha’s guess for time to sell the house: 2 years. Actual time: 2 weeks.


37 thoughts on “All change

  1. Good luck with the move, hope Lulu is in agreement as a “pod” is not a good house/flat mate. I need Mrs Ha to help sell the Tacon abode as we are planning a move to the south west.

    • I think Northern Illinois might be a tad cool compared to the tropics but Lulu might vote for it if I tell her it has good biscuits. It was a shock. The market here is dead.

  2. Well that wasn’t what I expected to read! Will you leave HK?
    I hope you find a great new home in an area with lots of photographic opportunities for you.

  3. That’s a bolt out of the blue! Good luck with the move and looking forward to hearing where you decide to end up. Lulu is welcome to stay with us while you house hunt – Colin’s just gone to change the blankets in his basket…..and I’m sure that I can find her some delicious spanish bis-squits as the spaniards call them 😉

      • Colin said that it’s all under control – he can help with any translation or language difficulties as he’s now bi-lingual. He also asked me to mention that there’s a new grooming parlour in town, he’s not been but he’s heard that it’s very good. He’s also keen to know whether Lulu likes rolling in goat shit? 😛

  4. Ooh how exciting. Not even knowing where you’re going. Hope all is harmonious as you decide. Imagine Lulu will have her say. Will you even get a vote, Andrew? 😄

  5. Gee, that is all rather sudden. Lulu is welcome to stay with Milo provided she doesn’t mind takings shifts in possum watching duties. Why did you want to sell up. Is HK getting stale or too disruptive.?

  6. Wow that was sudden but for some reason I’ve had a vision of you leaving HK related to what all is going on there. But maybe that did not enter the picture. You would love Vancouver, Canada, parts of California, Texas, Florida and, then there is Malta, Spain and, Portugal. Oh well there are some great places to live with good climate and many birding opportunities. Good luck in choosing just the right place that has good medical facilities not far away. Great MDs and hospitals should be a primary concern.

    • A good hospital is top of our list, Yvonne. Amongst other things. If I get my heart fixed the rest is stable enough and just needs monitoring. We will take our time deciding where to go. We will always keep a home in HK and if everything settled down we might stay but it just feels bad at present.

      • I’m glad that a good hospital is your priority.I didn’t know if the afib thing had resolved or not since you had not written of it. Mine is partially fixed with a pacemaker. The meds keep me down and out and afib is a B—-. for sure.

        I hope you get a nice home that meets all your needs. It is going to require lots of work for you and Mrs Ha. Just don’t get exhausted or stress too much. I know that is easier said than done.

      • Not resolved, Yvonne. Worse. I am currently on a 7 day monitor for the cardio to determine whether I need the op now but the plan is to do it this year. I can’t tolerate the meds.

  7. That is really quite the bombshell! So much change ahead for you and hopefully all good.

    Luckily you have all those wonderful photos of your magnificent view!

  8. Congratulations on the quick sell! Sounds like the whole family is going to have disruptions, you and Mrs. Ha, the cost centres evicted (?) (daughters? Gently evicted) and dear Lulu. I imagine Lulu will not find this amusing. 😕
    Sounds like the world is your oyster in choosing where to move! 💸💰 Good luck with the clear out.

  9. What luck ! And it doesn’t matter what degree of planning you do, you’re always going to be caught short when your house is sold. 🙂

    • Thank you Hilary. We are struggling to know where to go but there is a long story behind why we sold suddenly. It is not appropriate to tell it now. A tale of intrigue, incompetence and skulduggery to follow.

  10. Congratulations on selling the house quickly, Andrew.
    16 years ago, we sold our house much quicker than we’d estimated, and this is what we learned. Celebrate it, but don’t feel rushed into buying another. The house we sold had an amazing full-length view of everything from Cheyenne Mtn. (has NORAD inside it), to Pikes Peak, to Garden of the Gods. It took us awhile to adjust to losing that view, but we gave it time and found a house that sat right at the base of Pikes Peak and was wonderful for hiking.
    It’s a trade-off, and kind of frantic at first.

    • We dont even know where we are going yet Marylin so we wont rush. But quality of environment is high on my list. I covet a few acres of woodland of my own.

    • Hi Boeta, I have only just seen this as it went to my spam folder. Many apologies. I don’t do awards but I genuinely appreciate the thought. You are very kind. Thanks you.

  11. Wow, sounds like a huge change that came unexpectedly soon!
    We weren’t seriously planning to change apartments and didn’t expect to fall in love with the first place we visited (and what a view it has). During our recent move, someone commented that “change is good”. I wholeheartedly agree with it, this time.

    Hope all works out well for you! Bon courage!

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