Chaos Theory

Well it has started. Slowly we are throwing things out, scanning important documents, looking at property on line – why are all the ones we like well over our budget? – and trying to decide what to move, where and when.

The buyers don’t want our pot plants. Perhaps they don’t like good quality stuff. Pure Kashmiri gold. Or Bougainvilleas. Some were sick and dying so we disposed of those. Some were healthy, thriving and exceedingly heavy. So I put an ad on FB – free to good home, large white bougainvillea in attractive pot, answers to the name of Boo. Within 30 minutes I had a taker or 6.

The lady called me and said “can I pick it up now?” I reminded her that it was very heavy. That was fine she had three men with her. (At which point Roger Moore would have raised one eyebrow). She arrived. Number one man was hubby. Number two man was a teenage son. Number three man was a small boy in a car seat. Hmmm.

Hubby walks through the house and looks at Boo. Heavy! he exclaimed. Indeed, I thought. I might have mentioned it a few times. They were determined to take it. We put a bin bag round it to ‘protect the floor’ and I put towels down so they could rest it regularly without damaging the floor even more.

All went well until they came to the stairs. Did I explain that there is no back entrance to the garden? Everything has to go through the house, in or out. Hubby took the weight and went backwards. Teenage son claimed he could not see the steps but sort of held the other side. Mum shouted encouragement. After 20 minutes they were outside. I looked at the wall. Red everywhere. I was horrified. One of them must be bleeding badly. Unfortunately not.

As I tried to wipe it off I made it ten times worse by spreading it all over the wall. And I realised that the red was stain from the frame of a painting hanging on the wall. A retirement gift. I wailed ‘Look at the state of my wall”. Mum looked back, grunted and said “Perhaps you should have left it where it was”. I could have stuck her head where the sun doesn’t shine. A free Boo and that’s all she had to say for the damage.

I left them to try and lift Boo into the car. Thank goodness I had said no to the girl who asked if it would fit in a Mini. I then spent 45 minutes clearing away leaves, mopping up (rain) water and trying to make the house look normal again. Except for the ‘blood’ stains.

Then I went for a shower. Immediately the door bell rang. At 2.30pm a delivery arrived that was scheduled for 6-9pm. Wearing little but a wet T shirt and a pair of boxers (steady ladies) I signed the receipt, shouted abuse at the delivery oik and wondered if the day could get worse.

And to think I have months ahead like this. Oh ****.


19 thoughts on “Chaos Theory

  1. Moving is miserable. We moved from New Mexico to California a year and a half ago, and I’m determined not to do it again for a very long time! Best wishes, and do your best to stay sane!

    • Jackson this is at least 4 moves to co-ordinate – 2 permanent and 2 temporary. The logistics are horrible as they are domestic and probably international.

  2. Moving can be a b—h as they say. I feel your pain but then again I’ve lived in the same house since 1963 it would probably kill me to move from my home where I’ve lived for so long.

    The “ingrates” got a deal with your “boo.” Well that was one big item out of the way even if you have red stains. Maybe you’ll get lucky and be able to erase the ugglies.

  3. Ghastly, ain’t it ? You’ll need to out-think everything any such situation can throw at you, in future. How you do that, I have no idea. I’m just being a smartarse …

  4. I think a ‘Don’t Like’ button needed for this one. Ungrateful and disrespectful people! (I’m being polite and not using the expletives I uttered when reading your account!)

  5. I think this is more a case of Boo Hoo 😦 What horrid people, and shame on them for wreaking such havoc on your home and not giving a damn about it. That’ll learn you to be so lovely and generous. Some serious vetting is needed from now on!

  6. Sometimes I think ‘free’ is way too expensive, on the seller end. Had you even charged $5, you may have gotten a responsible party that would protect thier $5 purchase and appreciate the place it came from. Lame!
    I was a mover for a year, drove a semi and everything. We packed up folks homes in a day and had them down the road in 2. After that experience, I could move with 2 days notice and I’m a pack rat.
    Where are you going to set up residence?

  7. That’s two bad ones….was there a third? Things can always get worse, but let’s hope they get better. We’ve been in our home for almost 30 years. I don’t even want to think about doing what you are doing.
    When we bought this place, the realtor called it a nice starter home. I told her I was planning on leaving it feet first. Your experience is making that sound even better.

  8. Ouch! We have only owned one house. A few years ago I bought a pot so big I could comfortably hide in it. After we had rocked it (the only way to move it at all) around the house to a suitable resting place, I and told my husband that we could never move now. I think you have confirmed that decision. Please find somewhere soon and don’t make yourselves ill with hassle.

    • Well I need ideas where to go next Hilary. If we go to Britain, where should we settle? It is a stressful time but so far Shirley is bearing the brunt. And we managed to open an account with HSBC in less than 3 hours. Quite an achievement, I felt.

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