The Lawn Ranger – Diasemia accalis

I was picking up dead leaves off the lawn today. Lawn is a bit of a stretch as much of it has died away. Nonetheless, like Graham Gooch’s head, a few tufts sprout here and there.As I picked up one leaf I saw something move. Closer inspection revealed this small moth – roughly 16mm wingspan – this is a crambid. The way the antennae are held along the back of the abdomen is a strong clue.DiasemiaaccalisThis ought to be a woodland moth and I can’t help thinking that its patterning would afford it much better camouflage there than on my lawn. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll say thank you for the photo and allow it to settle wherever it chooses.

20 thoughts on “The Lawn Ranger – Diasemia accalis

  1. One never knows what may be lurking in the leaf piles on our lawns. When a find like your crambid happens, I figure it is a reward for the good deed of gardening and I will just say “ay, Carambid”.

  2. It has a very interesting delta shape. Does it move its antennae or are they always flat? Wonder what they tell the moth.
    Beautiful markings and subtle colours.

  3. The “lawn ranger” is dainty and pretty. I’m glad you found it. Just think, you could have stepped on the poor fella and your followers, readers and, viewers would not have had the pleasure of viewing the close up.

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