The Hottentot

Hottentot is now a derogatory term but it survives in the birding world as part of the scientific name for today’s garden guest – Dicrurus hottentottus, the Hair-crested Drongo.

This is not my best photograph of this species but it is the best of today’s efforts. Sunlight would have brought out the spangling of the plumage much better. And of course in this shot you can’t see his Bobby Charlton comb over. Crest is a bit of an exaggeration – a few wisps of straggly feathering is all I usually see. They have a rather wide range of melodic calls and it was his whistling that alerted me to him today. This one could be a winter visitor or a resident. I see them regularly, usually in small flocks. Whichever, it is a smart bird, always welcome here.


12 thoughts on “The Hottentot

    • He is graceful in a crow like way, Melissa. I like the calls they make though. People often say you birdwatch with your ears because many birds are easy to hear and hard to see. There is much truth in that. 🙂

  1. I suupose you’re right about what sunlight would’ve done; but this sure looks like a bird photo from a twitchers’ magazine !!!

  2. It is a handsome bird, Andrew. That curved bill appears powerful. Our European Starlings are common and not favored, but when the sun hits them just right they also are spangled much, I am sure, as you describe your Drongo.

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