Eagle-eyed but headless?

There was one late correct answer to yesterday’s photo quiz. Well done Geoff. It was taken in Ushuaia, at the tip of South America. I had a variety of suggestions from a Mr. J. Peasmold Gruntfuttock as he claimed to have been Round the Horne but none of his answers bears repeating.

I was waiting at home for all the Long Valley buntings to migrate to Sai Kung when my old pal the White-bellied Sea Eagle did a fly past, accompanied by the even rarer Hardacre’s Headless Eagle.  And to prove it, here are a few snaps. I was almost happy with the last one (but not quite).Headless Eagle



17 thoughts on “Eagle-eyed but headless?

  1. Oh, you are IMPOSSIBLE !
    I suppose you think the second one’s no good because of the wing-shadow. RIDICULOUS.
    And the last one ? – maybe because he doesn’t have his legs down for landing, or something …

  2. Dam! I think my reader missed that last post of yours. I love the challenge of a quiz! Bummed.
    Anyway. Loved the headless eagle. Heehee. I think we need some Steve Miller theme music here. .

  3. 3 top shots, Andrew. The first is a lot of fun and beautifully detailed on the feathers and the last is really rather spectacular and I would be far more than “almost happy” with that! A magnificent bird indeed

  4. I think your WBSE must have just heard “Shake a Tail Feather” before the fly by. Since I have never been able to get a shot of any kind of eagle, I’d be happy with any of them, Andrew.

    • Why thank you Sir Simon! I have been keeping a weather eye out for a post from you but either I’ve missed it or you are still in retreat.

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