Bird miscellany

My discovery of Hardacre’s Headless Eagle has been followed in short order by Hardacre’s Bonce-less Bulbul. This was sheer luck but it was accompanied by a normal morph so the comparison was easy.RWB1For those of you not well-versed in the finer points of field identification, the Bonce-less Bulbul is the upper bird. Remarkably, like a lizard’s tail, the Bonce-less Bulbul can grow its head back as I observed later. I suspect this is previously unrecorded in science.RWB2And after a while a full recovery can be made.RWB3

This was not the highlight of the day though. Late afternoon I started to observe Red-rumped Swallows overhead. Cecropis daurica is not a bird I see often here in Sai Kung but over the next 20 minutes about 100 flew in from the sea. Very hard and fast they flew, heading towards the Pearl River delta direction. I was very happy to witness this. The Avifauna suggests flocks of 100 on migration are not so unusual. That doesn’t bother me. I was chuffed to bits. So much so I gave Lulu a bonus biscuit so she was happy too.

15 thoughts on “Bird miscellany

  1. I’m so happy you’ve re-discovered (in my terms) these delightful little birds, Andrew ! – they are so full of character, as well as being pretty, heads or no.
    As for Lulu, when you get your camera out she probably says to herself “PLEASE let him find something unusual that makes him feel really good !” …

  2. Amazing field observations! These headless birds all seem to find you and you alone. I’m glad Lulu got happy treats also. I hope your photography doesn’t take all your attention away from her! 😉

  3. One of the bloggers I follow just did a post on wildlife tongues. You seem to have the headless bird market cornered.
    I think that wherever you end up should allow for the import of Bulbuls, Andrew.

  4. You are funny, and naughty, but I like you!

    Now what Brit TV person said that? A search reveals it was Dick Emery, but he really said “You are awful, but I like you”.

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