The red-eye

I almost missed the flight. The noise in the garden sounded like two supermodels fighting – lots of hissing and spitting and maybe a glint of long fingernails. If I ever saw take off it was going to be a bumpy flight. I could not see exactly where the two cat-walkers were but I soon found out.

The crescendo of vulgarity reached its peak and a large bird exploded out of the bushes and belly-flopped onto the hedge top. I missed that with the camera of course. And there sat the Coucal, blinking in the sun and refusing to look at the lens. I took a few shots anyway before it flounced off in a huff and buried itself far away in more and deeper foliage. I never saw the second bird.

Oh, and here is the red-eye.

Greater Coucal


13 thoughts on “The red-eye

    • James, it has the alternative name of Crow Pheasant. It is a big bruiser. It predates eggs and chicks and scares the other birds witless. It scraps for fun, I think. Don’t be fooled by the gaudy plumage – these are the “Benny the Bouncer”s of my garden.


      Benny was the bouncer at the Palais de Dance
      He’d slash your granny’s face up given half a chance.
      He’d sell you back the pieces, all for less than half a quid
      He thought he was the meanest-
      Until he met with Savage Sid.

  1. Wonderful shot, Andrew ! Is the whole of your garden a mad wilderness of blossoms ? – I can’t even count the number of plants in that frame. Lucky you !!!

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