I was putting out the rubbish this evening when a movement caught my eye.

Behind a pot plant I spotted this unwilling, reluctant model. Polypedates megacephalus.Polypedates megacephalus

It is supposed to be a Tree Frog but clearly has not read the textbook.


13 thoughts on “Wallcreeper

      • Your ‘stucko’ reminds me of my years in Zambia, when once I opened a door and discovered a tiny tree frog stuck by the belly to the top of the door casing. He/she had crawled into the tiny gap between that and the top of the door and dried out. I climbed up and with water and my best sable hair paintbrush I gently stroked his/her belly until he/she was freed. Didn’t get a kiss, though!

      • Your reward will be in heaven and I’m sure Prince Frog appreciated it deep down. I think this chap hangs out in a drainage pipe.

  1. I trust you donned your specs and read him/her the riot act, Andrew ?
    S/he is very beautiful; but then, so are nearly all creatures, eh ? 😀

  2. Isn’t it nice when one is rewarded for a good deed? Stuck on stucco instead of a tree works if this one wishes to mix things up a bit. I find one of their most endearing qualities to be a great degree of patience while they wait for you to fetch your camera. The finest of models they are.

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