Cor! What a buteo! (Now with added Buteo)

Another boring old BOP (bird of prey) / BIF (bird in flight) from the BCT (balcony coffee table).

This is Eastern Buzzard. I picked it up because it was hovering – the kites don’t hover. Then it drifted towards me. I shouted “smile please” and it sort of obliged. I am hoping it will drift closer later today but decided I wanted to get the blog on the road for the day.

Buteo japonicus for your delight.





21 thoughts on “Cor! What a buteo! (Now with added Buteo)

  1. For my delight, my wonderment and my total admiration, Andrew !
    I am hoping that even you are satisfied with this astoundingly gorgeous shot.

  2. Didn’t Phil Collin’s do a song with that title? Apologies for racing through so many of your posts with just a ‘like’ but I’ve been away and my in-box is stuffed with around 500 other blog posts that I need to catch-up with. How’s the move going? 😀

    • Move??? Don’t ask! Shirley did a practice test today as she needs to pass a language test. She was 2 points away from being qualified to sit a degree course or…….. take holy orders. But house hunting is a nightmare as is finding good kennels for Lulu until we are settled.

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