Spotted Dove

I am on the run today……. dashing off to yet another world-critical dinner appointment. So here in the fading sun of a Hong Kong afternoon is that common and garden bird, Spot the Dove. Well we had hawks yesterday so we might as well have doves today. Cooooo!

Spotted Dove

Spotted Dove2



15 thoughts on “Spotted Dove

  1. Your title really is a magnet; and they really are glorious, those spots.
    Once again you have opened my eyes to something I took for granted.
    You’re not too bad with your camera|s … {grin}

  2. Coooool. They are a colorful bird. Regarding common, our common run of the mill if you’ve seen one you’ve seen ’em all dirty bird pigeon aka rock doves aka rock pigeon are very colorful as well. I know they are as plentiful in the UK and Europe as they are here. A statue’s worst nightmare.

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