Japanese Bush?

Or Manchurian Bush Warbler? Last year I had Manchurian so I would very much like a Jap Bush to add to my garden list. I didn’t think asking the audience would help and I am already at 50:50 so I’ve phoned a friend.

It was not very confiding but it allowed me a few images before it ducked out of sight. Here they are:









17 thoughts on “Japanese Bush?

  1. Andrew, I have just spent the last half hour at work surfing the net to find a reliable way of differentiating the 2, and all I found was that there was a whole lot of confusion out there with historical name changes and taxonomy!! Some suggestions for differentiation are the opposite to others and the song appears to be the best choice 😦

    I shall now sit back and wait for the experts to advise.

    A lovely bird come what may and I do hope you have found the Japanese to add to the Manchurian :0)

    • I’m glad you have been productive at work, James. The line I liked was “field separation of these two taxa has yet to be fully resolved”. That is rarity comm speak for “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”. I’m now thinking the muted tones are Manchurian-like but I will see what Paul Leader says. I suspect this bird has been around a while. A couple of weeks ago I saw what I thought was a large-ish acro in the garden – never got the bins on it. I tentatively dismissed it as Oriental Reed Warbler but now I suspect it may have been this chap.

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