Jail Dog

Lulu is in jail. She has served 2 days. She is due for release tomorrow. We will need to put her in kennels for a while until we are settled and this is a trial run. Well I hate it. She clearly does not like it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 14.03.12

She is under 24hr surveillance – suicide watch. I don’t think we or she can cope with this. So we are trying to think of other options. We visited another kennels yesterday – even worse. What can we do? Our temporary apartment does not allow pets. Should we smuggle her in and hope she does not bark? But she is a Pom. They bark. A lot. She (and we?) would be served with a solicitor’s notice PDQ.

I now have a date for my heart op and it can’t come soon enough as I am really struggling now. Lulu just makes it worse. So much stress. So I continue to photograph the garden birds. No sign again today of the Manchurian Bush Wobbler (not Japanese, alas – I still need Jap Bush as a garden tick). We have a little drizzle and the tits have taken advantage of the weather to bath and shower at the same time. A rather bed-raggled look.




Mrs. Ha did a trial language test yesterday – she needs a sticky-foot to prove she can speak to me when she arrives in Britain. She scored 49 on the practice which is only 2 marks short of qualifying to study at a university or take Holy Orders. Not sure which she should do. Neither is mandatory for shopping in Waitrose but she could say things like “Bless you, my son” to the shelf stacker, I suppose. As long of course as he doesn’t then try to confess everything. He may end up switching places with Lulu. Could she stack shelves in Tesco? There’s an idea. Ship her immediately and hide her behind the cans of baked beans. I may just have found a solution. Eureka!

37 thoughts on “Jail Dog

  1. Oh I do hope Lulu survives w/o you in solitary. Break a leg in survey. I will keep good thoughts flowing your direction.

  2. Glad Lulu got a reprieve but take care of yourself too, otherwise Lulu and Mrs Ha will have more to worry about than english and confined spaces.

  3. This post was packed with too many emotional punches! At a time when your heart needs it the least.
    All the best for your heart surgery. Good luck to Mrs. Ha. Am very happy Lulu is with her family, some rules just have to be broken.

  4. Now that Lulu’s out, this would be one less stress-inducing circumstance for your poor heart. All the very best and hope that everything is smooth sailing from here. Don’t think Tesco’s quite for Mrs Ha. Have you thought of Whole Foods?

    • Mrs. Ha is a City Super girl here but I think she will have to take whatever she can find. I just want to keep her away from Fortnum and Mason.

  5. Please don’t get stressed, be gentle with that heart of yours. Try the free 10-day ten minute trials of meditation at https://www.headspace.com. I have avoided this for years even though I worked with guys in brain research doing blazing studies on its good effects. Having started at my daughter’s suggestion I have now completed over sixty days and I swear it has done my BP and heart-rate good. Lulu will cope fine, she just needs to give you her honest opinion about her accommodation. I hope Mrs Ha opts for the academic over the theological route.

    • I think meditation might be a good idea, Hilary. My BP is way up now because the insurers are arguing about the cost of the operation. They claim it is unreasonable but won’t say what reasonable is 😦

  6. You certainly have a lot on your plate right now, Andrew, and without the consolation of the Japanese Bush Warbler 😦 Wishing you all the best with the op and all the decisions and glad to hear Lulu is out on parole!

  7. It sounds to me like your stress levels are well off the chart right now …. packing, moving decisions, Lulu, health, operation, ….

    Sending very best wishes that you can find a little calm in this storm!

  8. The kennel that hosts Murphy also has cctv, but we do not look when traveling. Like you, it would be too much for us to bear.

    Good luck, of course, with the surgery, Andrew. I hope it boosts your energy and vigor.

    I admire Mrs Ha’s determination to learn a new language. I am still struggling with English.

  9. Uffa! So much is happening in your world right now. I hope everything goes smoothly with your surgery, and that Lulu will not be too traumatised by solitary confinement.

    Re Mrs ha and the language test: please, what is a sticky foot?

  10. What a sad picture of Lulu, I can’t bear it 😦 I feel like coming over and kidnapping her! It sounds like things are hard work right now what with the move, your heart op, Mrs Ha’s ‘almost’ exam result etc. I hope things get better very soon. Moving is always a nightmare even when it’s relatively plain sailing. Are you going to stay in HK or are you thinking of coming back to Europe? Good luck with your op, Andrew, and sending positive, house moving vibes your way 🙂

      • 😦 I know that it’s agony for all of you but she will be fine and hopefully it’s not for too long. Looking forward to hearing more about where you are thinking of moving to. We’ve just been back to the UK for 5 days and I’ve got to admit, much as I LOVE living in Spain, there are a lot of things that I really miss about the UK. Nowhere is perfect!

      • Strewth, what a stressful time! Where are you having the op for your breaking heart? Hope all goes well for the op, Mrs Ha, the move & Lulu.

      • Is there someone who can visit Lulu while you’re in hospital and report back, Andrew? That might at least make you feel a little more, well, relaxed about her situation …

  11. Just smuggle her in and put on a His Master Voice Beethoven concert. If someone complains, just deny it and tell them you’ll change the needle on the record player. Poor Lulu in a kennel? Surely not.
    We just picked up Milo from the kennell. You should have seen him straining at the leash trying to get out of the joint and into our car.
    Hope your heart op comes up soon, take it easy in the meantime. Lovely shots of the tits.

  12. You pretty much do need a degree to get a job in Waitrose these days, plus an arduous interview process. The wages are fairly ordinary but there’s always the bonus – and the pensions are still final salary.
    Hope the op goes well. Lulu will be fine – she’ll have those wardens wrapped around her paws in no time. All the best, Andrew.

    • Final salary scheme? That is a rarity nowadays. I know it is a highly regarded firm but it sounds quite challenging. I don’t think Lulu would get through after all. Maybe she will have to try Dogissons or Dogsbury.

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