Moth of the Day

I was genuinely touched by the messages and warm wishes for my upcoming op. I am told it is routine and low risk and I hope that proves the case. In some ways I am looking forward to it. Thank you all. I appreciate your support very much.

Lulu is also very happy. We bailed her out after watching the CCTV for 2 days. She is home, playing happily and enjoying her freedom again. The problem of what to do with her is still not resolved though.

I found a moth this morning and I am checking the species. I think it is might be a Chrysodeixia, possibly erisoma (since confirmed). It was on the wall by the gate. An odd place for a moth to hang around during the day. No camo whatsoever. I moved it to a safer place.IMGL6965

Must run now……………. I hope all my American friends enjoyed Thanksgiving.

18 thoughts on “Moth of the Day

  1. Something routine and beneficial sounds like a good thing to look forward to, Andrew. Let’s hope it’s just the tonic.
    I am sure Lulu will be on her best behavior for s short while. Murphy never sleeps much at the kennel, so he makes up for that once back home.
    I’ve found a fair number of moths and other insects on light surfaces over the years which would seemingly be foolish behavior.
    We had a nice Thanksgiving, thank you. Probably the worst bird ever and, if this were the way they always were, it would be a Tofurky from now on. But it was a team effort for dinner and we enjoyed it very much.

    • The worst bird ever? Was it dead? Did it put up a fight? Or did you use one of my recipes? I recall us losing power on Christmas morning once. My mother was distraught. It eventually came back on but so many people were cooking at the same time it took forever. The answer is probably to curry it for tomorrow. It always tastes better curried. But what a shame.

  2. We are all rooting for you, Andrew and wishing you rude health once again. The moth looks like a dried up leaf, very seasonal. I’m rather envious of the American tradition of Thanksgiving, I spent most of yesterday salivating over photo’s of turkeys and pumpkin pies on Facebook. Right onwards and upwards, still battling with this afternoon’s art class prep πŸ™‚

  3. The moth looked prime-evil, like something out of Triffids. Is it plant or beast?
    Hopefully Lulu will stay the course with a nice home. Have you packed everything Andrew including your school reports?

  4. Andrew that is one ugly moth. I failed some where along the way between exchanges to note when your surgery is scheduled. But I’m praying to a higher power and sending healing thoughts and good karma for what ever day you have the surgery.

  5. Did you step on it before you took the photo? It looks a bit roughed-up… πŸ˜‰ Hope all is well with your innards, Lulu and Mrs. Ha’s exam.

  6. Oops! Looks like I commented on Lulu’s situation too soon — sorry about that! I’m really glad you’ve got her home again, even if that doesn’t actually solve your problems. Good luck with the op — I’ll be thinking of you!

  7. Glad you’re recovering well. Sorry to hear you’ve had to go through any kind of treatment none of it is pleasant and the bill mentioned on your other post made me sing out the praises of the NHS.

    • Can you choose your surgical team on the NHS? That seems to me to be the biggest advantage. You can research track records and know the team before they poke and slice you.

      • Oh no it doesnt stretch to that. You do have a right to choose where you are treated and can choose private hospitals as well as NHS ones. I think you get their basic service though πŸ™‚ i just thought that bills like that or bills at all are not something we’re accustomed to for healthcare un the uk unless we want to be of course.

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