Spotted Dove

I am on the run today……. dashing off to yet another world-critical dinner appointment. So here in the fading sun of a Hong Kong afternoon is that common and garden bird, Spot the Dove. Well we had hawks yesterday so we might as well have doves today. Cooooo!

Spotted Dove

Spotted Dove2


Cor! What a buteo! (Now with added Buteo)

Another boring old BOP (bird of prey) / BIF (bird in flight) from the BCT (balcony coffee table).

This is Eastern Buzzard. I picked it up because it was hovering – the kites don’t hover. Then it drifted towards me. I shouted “smile please” and it sort of obliged. I am hoping it will drift closer later today but decided I wanted to get the blog on the road for the day.

Buteo japonicus for your delight.





I was putting out the rubbish this evening when a movement caught my eye.

Behind a pot plant I spotted this unwilling, reluctant model. Polypedates megacephalus.Polypedates megacephalus

It is supposed to be a Tree Frog but clearly has not read the textbook.