Tree Sparows

Well actually there were 4 of them but I tried to focus on just one. Sitting in a pomegranate (?) bush, he resolutely refused to turn his head to the right. Bad TS.Tree Sparrow2He did perch nicely but on a post and that doesn’t make for a nice shot.Tree SparrowMy nicest TS shot goes back a while and here it is:Tree-sparrow

Why photograph Tree Sparrows? Well I was waiting for a pair of Grey Treepies to emerge from a tree. They have taken up residence locally and fly across the garden each day. I am still waiting for them to perch in decent light. In the meantime, any Tree Sparrow in a storm will pass the time.


14 thoughts on “Tree Sparows

  1. Ah hah! now I know what T.S Eliot’s initials stand for….penny bounces! The photo with the pomegranates could have been taken here in Spain, same bird, same fruit 🙂

  2. I like the photo with the pomegranates very much. The sparrow is actually a trim little bird but the tree sparrow in the states is a much smaller bird. I have a few pomegranates that are still hanging among the tree’s yellow leaves. I need to hurry and get a pic but today it is very damp and cold and overcast. I despise weather like this- it permeates into one’s body and feels much colder than the actual temp.

    • Thanks Hilary. You probably have House Sparrows.

      BTW your book sold a copy today – I downloaded it from Amazon and it was released on the 5th. I am reading Nathaniel’s Nutmeg now so it will be next in line.

  3. Wrong answer. Correct answer is “Why NOT ?!”
    ALL dem boids is adorable – not counting Indian mynahs, of course – and all of ’em deserve some place on your HDs,
    I have spoken.

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