Olive-backed Pipit

The countdown has begun. One week until admission. In 10 days I will know whether my ticker is back to normal. Allianz has finally agreed to pay even if they may be leaving me with a small residual. This can’t come soon enough. In the meantime the garden watch continues.

Today a nice shot of OBP – the background is not so good and I handheld this but it will do for now.OBP3


OBPAnd a distant record shot of an unusual visitor here: Red-billed Blue Magpie, Urocissa erythroryncha. This is very distant and I have better shots but this  is what I saw today and that’s what you get 🙂Blue Magpie2


I am on a diet today. Yesterday I had my first Christmas lunch with 5 chums and then in the evening I had dinner with Mrs. Ha it being our wedding anniversary, allegedly. And very good it was too. Life moves on……


30 thoughts on “Olive-backed Pipit

  1. WHAT THE DEVIL do you mean by “the background is not so good” ??? Is this bokeh or is it not ?
    Do you maybe mean you wanted it more oof or less oof ???
    You’re damn well IMPOSSIBLE.
    Sighh …
    Just as well your photos are wonderful, regardless of your LUDICROUS self-criticisms … 🙂

  2. Not bad for handheld with, I assume, a long piece of glass, Andrew. If it was me the OBP would look like it was skipping rope.

    Very good news that your provider will foot the bill. Very good news, even better, is that the day is drawing near and a rejuvenated Andrew is on the horizon.

    The garden watch is always entertaining. Make the most of it…and HK…while you are still there to enjoy it. That said, I am eager to see your images from England and, I hope, more Landscapes. 🙂

    Happy anniversary one day removed. Allegedly? Don’t you remember? 🙂

  3. Lovely Pipit to see and photograph. I’m yet to see this one and not sure where in here that I’ll be able to.

    I can hear the countdown… sending some good thoughts!

  4. Happy anniversary, to you and Shirley. The outing was good for you both.

    The olive backed pipit is a trim and properly alert looking little bird. Sort of looks like a thrush with the breast spots but of course no kin at all. Wondering if most of the birds that you photograph have nice singing voices. The mockingbird here is a virtuoso when singing and even mimics some of the other birds. Its range of sounds is unbelievable but I deviated from the pipit.

    Sending my best karma vibes and prayers your way. I believe that you will get back to be being your normal self after the procedure.

    • Thanks Yvonne. Some of the birds here are prized for their singing. Sadly some are kept in cages and are taken for a walk each day by their owners. It is a social event and I suspect it will die out as the youngsters are more conservation aware. The pipit is not a great singer!

  5. Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both. I love the magpie, it’s glorious and the pipit is very sweet too. Good news about the health insurers coughing up – you’ll soon have a bounce back in your step – we are all wishing you the very best for your op.

  6. The pipit is a charmer, but I am at war with magpies, however handsome. We are counting with you. Do a bit of visualisation of a healthy, steadily ticking heart. This is not voodoo, the brain runs the body and can do a lot of work with a nudge or two. (Dr Green)

  7. Very nice garden shots Andrew. Glad the day is fast approaching for you to get some relief from the heart problems. Best wishes to you and Mrs Ha for your coming year.
    Great long-shot, I love seeing the birds surrounded by their habitat. Just a few winter species left here now, will have to wait for Mexico for some variety.

    • I am sure Mexico will treat you well with birds galore, Rod. A friend of mine is experiencing his first Canadian winter. I think it has come as a bit of a shock,

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