A sense of dredge……..

It is has been a while since I ventured out with my camera. Today I needed to go into town and we are down to one car, the Q5 having been sold. So I walked down the hill (and back up, wheezing) and took my X100s with me.

I did not know that the area near the pier is being dredged. Here is the evidence.Dredge5b




Dredge1There were lots of people watching…… maybe 6, 8, possibly a dozen. Quite a spectator sport. And as with all these sports of skill and artistic movement there has to be someone to judge. Here she is with her ice cream, the infamous Judge Dredge.


12 thoughts on “A sense of dredge……..

  1. That sinister-looking bundle on top of the front cabin of the dredge … I’d be worried about that one, if I were you …

  2. I wonder if that dredge is the best on offer. I thought sucking the stuff and pumping it to somewhere else was the way that modern dredging is done.
    The ice cream eating is one way of coping.
    Great photos and very sobering to what has been featured on the news about HK lately.

  3. P before the dredged judge quite scary.
    I like the black and white treatment
    28 years ago our daughter wanted to know if the world was black and white in the 50’s. Last week her six year old son asked the very same question about the 80’s. Definitely related!

    • Thanks Hilary. I like watching the dredger. I am about 1/3 of the way through Border Lines now and enjoying it very much. It is a very thought provoking book.

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