32 thoughts on “Flower arranging for beginners

  1. Just the laugh I needed today after struggling to set up our elderly neighbor’s Christmas tree and then learning that none of the lights worked.
    Your flower arranging lesson is very similar to the most important aspect of selling real estate:
    Location. Location. Location.
    That single little stem wouldn’t have worked in the center; it had to be off to the side for effect. Right? Did I earn an A in the beginner’s class?

      • Yes…I have been reading the Art in Theory 1900-2000 Anthology of essays and in 1908 someone wrote an essay lamenting the unaffordability of art to those who really care about it, and the way fine art had turned into a hoarding mania among the very rich, bordering on insanity. Of course it is mad that pictures that are worth a lot of money aren’t worth that many multiples in talent but the real sadness is that most talented artists do not earn a good living from it and most passionate art lovers don’t get easy access to works they love, all because of this crazy system of art economics.

      • I know some extremely talented photographers who can’t make a living from it. Same for artists. I don’t think there is a solution. Why some of these photos sell for millions is beyond me. I gently poke fun but there is a serious side to it too. Perhaps it is right that the cream are out there on their own – who begrudges McCurry, Wolfe, Lanting their success. Not I. But others seem to sell without rhyme or reason. I read the articles explaining why Gursky sells but not why thousands of others don’t. Perhaps it is all in the marketing. Many classical musicians died without fame or fortune. Today they would go viral on YouTube and be selling on iTunes by the million. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on Austria Has Talent. I refuse to try to sell my photos for two reasons. It would kill the enjoyment and I don’t think anybody would buy them! Pragmatism and realism. I suspect it will never change.

  2. Maybe it just fell out of the sky, Andrew. Nature’s art, perhaps.

    Those folks who pay millions for “junk” are just practicing disciples of Saint Ron’s trickle down scripture.

  3. That’s a good one compared to the urinals that were sold for millions in New York City recently. I’ve never in my life seen anything so absurd when there are people in this country that are homeless and starving and some fool billionaire actually buys what looks like something that came out of the junkyard. How in the world would anyone display these so called works of art is beyond me.

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