31 thoughts on “Bulletin

  1. I’m relieved and so is everyone that commented. I’m late as usual due to no computer. You will have heard from me before reading this comment. But again it is wonderful that you seem to be in superb spirits and fine fettle. And no pain. High pain threshold for you, apparently. πŸ™‚

  2. Rest up so you can get your butt out soon taking cool pictures of headless birds, smooched moths and strange floral arrangements. I’m so starved for a Lulu photo. πŸ˜‰ So glad you’re still on this side of the grass, friend.

  3. How good of you to let us know, so soon after the surgery. We all look forward to the next bulletin. And, once you move to the UK, I expect to be able to meet you and Mrs Ha, either in Florence or Venice, so I can shout you both a spritz.

  4. On-wards and up-wards Andrew. I suppose that’s quite appropriate, seeing as how you’re in hospital. πŸ™‚ Seriously, hope all continues to go well. Happy Christmas – enjoy a peaceful one with your family.

  5. Gosh, you’ve been busy since I last visited.

    1) Op, I’m assuming it’s to improve your health and your heart, so hope the coming weeks/months see you feeling fitter and healthier. My op this year was merely to repair dog-inflicted damage so not in the same league. Nor was my surgery as long. However I can say that even Gib NHS runs to two surgeons and an anaesthetist for a mere broken ankle. I read a survey recently which put the UK NHS well ahead of other services for quality, effectiveness, cost and virtually most things.
    We’re you cold coming round after the op? I remember shivering and being very thirsty. Much else is a blur.

    2) Move. I was really surprised to read that after some of the comments we’ve exchanged. A few people who have been here for years have returned to the UK, often for familial/financial reasons. I trust you will find the transition smooth. After being an expat for so long things will have changed. One friend, who came back recently to play in a concert, said the UK was horrible now (bureaucracy) but OK if you had money. I think the two comments were linked as they were busy paying horrific death duties. Good luck Andrew. I hope you, Mrs Ha and Lulu, find a place that is how we all remember England, maybe with a nearby bridge to play Pooh sticks.

    • Hi Kate. I don’t remember feeling cold after the op but I was well wrapped up.

      Returning to the UK was a relatively easy decision but tedious process. Shirley needs a settlement visa. Financially it will be bad for us but quality of life comes first. It’s going down the drain here. But things change so we are keeping a place here and will come and go.

      The politics in Britain are nasty but you do get to vote. Here rule by law has displaced rule of law in subtle ways. And no vote except for the person Beijing tells you to vote for.

      If things improved we would come back. We shall see. I’m still digesting the changes in stamp duty which will doubtless cost us dear. Property prices in Britain are on a tear.

      Have a happy Christmas. May 2015 be healthy for both of us.

  6. I’ve already commented elsewhere, but news this good bears repeating. Hooray. Best news of the day, Andrew. Get plenty of rest and hoping for your surgeon to give you the all clear to do whatever you wish.

  7. Wow, that is great news. I must have missed something as I hadn’t realised your op was this week. Lets hope it is all good news from now on and you have a very happy and healthy 2015 to look forward to.

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