The Beast is Back

Not me of course although I am just about back. Under strict orders to ‘take it easy’, not to drive, and not test out my heart on the hills for 2 to 3 days. Wait for a warm sunny day. I started the day with a 13 tablet cocktail and promptly forgot the lunch time one. Another banquet this evening. They tail off over 3 weeks.

I would need a day to reply properly to all your comments so forgive me if I proffer a communal thank you. They really did give me a lift when I needed support. Mrs. Ha played a blinder and stayed one of the two nights in the room. It was very disturbed after the op as they harrass you every 15 minutes to check BP, pulse (yes), ability to sip water and all the time I was connected to a telemetry device that was remotely monitored. I caused a minor panic on the day after the op. I was told I could walk around so I wandered off to the canteen. “Why is that thing bleeping?” asked Mrs. Ha. No idea, I said. Maybe the battery is low. Well no, I had wandered out of range of the monitor and they thought I was dead. Ah well, life is full of disappointments.

In truth everything went smoothly. The B team was up first and their victim patient took 6.5 hours. So I was very late going down. But the A team was on top form and I was whizzed through in 4 hours and my report card said “excellent” and “uneventful” or something like that. Huge thanks to Kelvin and his team. For those interested the cost was a tick over Β£37,000 / $55,000 for 2 nights in hospital. Don’t fall ill in HK without insurance. Not if you want the A team.

This afternoon I decided it was warm and sunny so I went out to see if any birds were around the house. Almost immediately I spied a bulbul sitting in the sun. As I set up for it my chum the White-bellied Sea Eagle decided to do a fly-past and wing dip in honour of my recovery so there was a quick change in settings and the rattle of about 18 frames in 2 seconds. He even gave me a catchlight in his eye.WBSE1The Large-billed Crow was less cooperative. He was flying away from me (or I was too slow) but hey, it is good to be back.Large-billed CrowHis Latin name is Corvus macrorhyncos – Crow big nose – so pretty accurate. The light on the underside was good. They advertise their presence with a routine caw. It is not the deep call of a Raven or the higher pitched cackle of a Jackdaw. We get these and the White-collared Crow here. The latter are in 3s and 4s at most, usually a pair. The big-noses are much more common.

Finally about 60 Black Kites formed a kettle overhead and I tried to pick one with nice light on it as it peered down at me.Black KiteJust flying to roost I suspect.

So there we are. Andrew’s Adventures in Wonderland are hopefully over for a while. Top class surgical team, top class equipment but a rather tired room. Next time I want better wallpaper for my (Allianz’s) money.

As the old joke goes: thank you for your warm support. I shall wear it every day. Boom boom.



41 thoughts on “The Beast is Back

  1. Boom boom, indeed. I’m going to take my warm support back, if you’re going to be frivolous about it. Then, let’s see what part of your anatomy sags and feels cool.

    You’re such a trooper to report back so thoroughly, so completely, so quickly, with photos, even.

    Take care, man. (Hi, Mrs Ha, how are you coping?)

  2. Great to hear you’re on the mend. Keep up the tablets, I believe they sell them at the gates of the University in Winchester!

  3. The news was good the report even better, Andrew. Your wit is a sight for sore eyes this morning. So glad you had the best of care. The room sounds a disappointment, but they got the stuff that matters most right.
    When I was in for my PE a few years back, I got up after a trip to the Ultrasound tech and went to the toilet. Apparently I detached a vital cable and a nurse came running with the same conclusion that yours did. He seemed more agitated than disappointed. I think I interrupted his scone break. πŸ™‚
    Welcome back. Continue with the routine and “Every day, and in every way, I am getting better and better”.

    • They get scone breaks, Steve? I think detaching a cable is easy. I had 5 or 6 on me and I kept thinking they would work loose but none did. I must try harder next time.

  4. Delighted to hear you are up and about so soon, Andrew. A communal thank you is just what the Doctor ordered! I have missed your bird photography, so I am delighted to see a superb selection so soon after your surgery. Take it easy and best wishes to you and Mrs Ha

  5. Good to hear you are pleased with your treatment and that all went well – and good to see your magnificent photos too!

  6. The eagle and the kite are BRILLIANT ! – I love the raptors most of all …
    So you’re already out and about.
    I know you’ll be climbing hills tomorrow. You’re HOPELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Take your time this all the time you have, rest, Gee, I’m the worst when it comes to being unable to do that which I want. My prayers are with you. I will send you light. Many blessings, peace

  8. Heyyyyy Andrew! Good to have you back in the wild…

    But my friend, please take it easy! (Mrs. Ha, Please let me know if he isn’t) I’ll wear some feathers and show up!

    So glad that everything went well! Boom boom!

    • Ha Ha, Ram. It would be good to see you here. Mrs. Ha is looking after me really well. I am doing as I am told most of the time. Resting today. Birds tomorrow maybe.

  9. I think I missed something…, I didn’t know about the delicate state of your health, I’m so sorry, and it’s very nice to read that you came out well of that operation room. Love the photos, that is you flying happily around again. The first one shows such tender feet. Patitas. Much love for you and your family.

  10. Andrew you are a hoot and a holler. The staff should have told you not to go too far since you were wearing the telemetry. When I got my pacemaker I never left my room but then I had no strength to leave, I had instructions not to get up nor go to the bathroom, etc. without calling for assistance. Twice, I thought I could out wit the device and the nurses but the beeping started if I got two feet from my bed. But it was a good thing since I was so weak prior to the pacemaker. It seems the devices are smarter than the humans who are their “captive audience.” I Just hope I can rebound as quickly as you when I have the ablation done.

    The crow and the raptors are excellent shots. Such pretty birds as they soar. Take the birds as a good sign that you too shall soar again to even greater heights with your photography.

    I’m relieved and astounded at how well you have rebounded from the surgery.

    • Well I still feel a bit bruised, Yvonne but it will fade quickly. Yes, the machines are smarter than us in some ways but hopefully for our own good. You will be fine. Don’t worry.

  11. Relieved that you are recovering so well! Your telemetry story made me LOL. πŸ˜€
    Superb bird images per your usual.
    Rest up and take care!

  12. Been offline for quite a while, but i have been following the developments. So glad it went the way it did. As with the crow, it’s great to have you black. Er… back.

    All the very best, Andrew.

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