A strange beauty

I have no idea whether this works for anybody but me. I am confined to barracks today after going AWOL yesterday.

I saw this dead flower on the ground and photographed it against the background of my laptop lid.IMGL6973

My other achievement today has been upgrading the firmware on my X-T1. Lots of new options to programme and experiment with.

Lulu is not well. I think the cold has got to her. She is looking a bit arthritic and coughed a few times. Of course it might be a bluff and she is after the sympathy biscuit. We shall monitor her closely. I hope she doesn’t wander outside the range of the telemetry monitor and start bleeping.


13 thoughts on “A strange beauty

  1. Yes, I like it, too. Good on you for realising the beauty in this spent blossom.

    I hope Lulu will be OK, Mrs Ha has you to worry about, she doesn’t need another patient.

  2. Ah firmware. If only we could get our firmware updated once in a while. Seems more like ‘infirm from wear’ at times.
    Hope Lulu is just having an off day, may be sympathetic symptoms from her number 1 retainer.

  3. Lulu might be bluffing. Milo shakes all the time when we are a bit slow with taking her for walk.

    We have the grand-kids till after Christmas. The cooking of the Raan is imminent. Have to get the 4k leg of sheep today. Let it marinate in yoghurt and lemon juice and lots of other spices. A tradition filled with expectations and wonder.

  4. Murphy often looks a bit down between meals and treats so that is a possibility. Hopefully that is all…but maybe she has picked up on the pending change of location. That makes animals nervous.

    I like your bedraggled flower, but not the bespeckled background. All white would seem better to me.

  5. I love that this instantly reminded me of the pressed flowers my mum used to keep inside pages of the huge dictionary which was the largest book in our family set of encyclopedia. She used to lay important flowers in tissue in its page and lay it down to dry them and preserve them. Flowers from weddings mainly, dating back as old as the ancient set of leather bound books.

    Thanks for that memory I’m going to have to find out what happened to the books and the flowers as I know they are no longer at her house.

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