Guest photographer

Last night I was looking at Mrs. Ha’s photos from our Europe trip in September / October. She has some really good shots but does nothing with them. I backed them all up on my hard drive and yesterday seemed a good evening to browse. I picked maybe a dozen that I wanted to show and so the next few posts – depending on the bird activity – are likely to be Mrs. Ha’s Greatest Hits, starting with the magic of Burano. She uses the smallest, lightest camera she can find. This was taken with her DMC-LF1.


26 thoughts on “Guest photographer

  1. I so long for across the pond. These photos take me back to Paris maybe in 2017, I’ll get to go back. These are so beautiful, Color, texture, and composition. Great work

  2. The color is absolutely stunning. The glass finish of the water nicely reflects all the beautiful colors. I think we have a challenger Mr. Ha!

  3. Simply beautiful, so much to look at and yet the eye is drawn straight down the middle. it’s a real treat, just like the popping colours along the sides to really look at what there is to see there too. Fabulous photo.

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