Year end miscellany

I started out intending to write my 2015 photography resolutions. Along the lines of

I won’t shoot wide open because I can (Nocti and all the Summilux lenses, Fuji 56mm F1.2 etc). But I like fast glass.

I will shoot more B&W. Yeah but wildlife doesn’t always hack it in monochrome.

I won’t buy any new gear. Tried that last year. Epic fail.

I will sell the Leica M. But it did ok today. Just don’t take it out in the evenings.

I will choose a genre and stick to it. Nahhhh. Why would I limit myself like that?

I could go on but it is boring me so heaven knows what it must be doing to you.

My last post was about A decade ago. I intended today to write about 5 years ago. On the 29th December 2009 we moved into this house. And now we are leaving. Where did the time go? How did Sai Kung and Hong Kong lose the plot so badly?

I could of course bore you with how I tried out my newly repaired heart today. And it worked like a dream. Still apprehensive it will flip back into AF but for now it is all systems go.

Finally I decided just to show two images from today’s walk with the Leica M. And here they are. Miss Wistful and Mrs. Fish.  Shall we play Happy Families?  If you read this far you deserve a medal. Chocolate of course.Wistful

Fish vendor

25 thoughts on “Year end miscellany

  1. Like you, I’ve given up on new year resolutions — it seems even the most modest of them is impossible to keep up (for me, at least). Great news about your repaired heart o/\o

  2. I’d never explicitly had that thought, but you’re right, I’m had pushed to think of a wildlife shot I’ve seen that would look better in B&W.

    • Oh there are some wonderful B&W wildlife shots but I think they are the exception rather than the rule. I occasionally convert to see what they look like in monochrome but generally stick with colour.

  3. I’m elated that your heart is back up to snuff. Wonderful news. I know that you are more than happy and grateful. Just know if you have not been told, that sometimes the procedures need to be repeated.

    Now about those resolutions. Best not to make any and that way you will not feel as if you have failed to live up to your own expectations. 🙂 For the record I’ve never made a resolution in my entire life. Maybe that is my problem?

    And about your photography. Everybody has some sort of weakness and yours happens to be photography equipment. “The latest is the greatest” -sort of thing.

    Last but not least for what it is NOT worth- I rank your bird pics as number one followed by the street pics. These are really good ones and I love looking at expressions and wonder about what the people were thinking at the time of the photo. The last pic with the older woman’s expression looks kind of fishy to me.

    • I am fervently hoping your procedure will be similarly smooth, Yvonne. I rushed back too quickly and had to take another time out.

      I shall try to be more disciplined this year on gear. Honestly!

      • Andrew, do be careful with that heart of yours. Moderation is the key. I ate some cookies that I baked and that put me into afib again. My heart was doing pretty good and behaving until the sugar effected the insulin output which then speeds up the heart. I hope to have everything situated in about a week and then get the procedure done in January.

  4. Delighted to hear the update on the operation Andrew and Miss Wistful is utterly enchanting. I gave up on resolutions some years back as I have zero willpower and no vices 😉
    Wishing you a healthy and happy 2015


  5. Glad the ticker is in sync.
    I try not to set myself up for failure on goals.. I will say that I will continue to blog and read the folks that I follow. . Even tho they seemed to have all dropped off writing. .
    Glad you’re still sharing! I really enjoy your photos and witty comments! 😉

  6. Your steady improvement is the best of news, Andrew. Don’t go too fast.

    Here’s a bit of advice….don’t offer your models a drink from a dribble cup before the shoot.Miss Wistful is a lovely shot. She does seem rather thoughtful in her pose.

    I’ve always considered resolutions as suggestions to be considered as a suggestion for consideration. By the time I’ve resolved that out it’s too late.

    • I prefer to think that it is a self-created abstract artwork, Steve, rather than dribble. I resolved to make any resolutions this year and broke it even before the year had even started.

  7. How did you manage to coordinate the hands in Miss Wistful – or was it just a fluke? (sorry about that). Lovely to hear the heart is working like a dream.

  8. So glad to hear “it’s all systems go”. Always a good sign. As for resolutions, I make none other than to learn something new and to see someplace not seen by me before.

    Best of luck in 2015


  9. “just tried out my new heart…” Oh Andrew, that just begs a response. I can just imagine you slipping back into third gear and chugging up the hill like an aged diesel Landrover. Wonderful news.


  10. “I won’t but any new gear..” – you couldn’t bring yourself to type it properly, I know.

    All the Best for 2015 – My chocky medal to be wrapped in Gold Foil please !

  11. May I have a licorice medal, instead of chocolate?

    I’m so chuffed to hear that the AF is under control. (Not as much as you folks are though, I dare say.)

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