Causeway Bay

We had to go onto HK Island today. Mrs. Ha’s UK Settlement Visa was available for collection. We did not know what conditions might be attached. Luckily the only one seems to be that she can’t claim social security.

Then Mrs. Ha indulged in her favourite sport, olympic shopping. I legged it towards Victoria Park. Here are three images from the morning.

I like the fact that newspaper vendors still survive and ‘online news’ has not yet completely replaced good old newspaper. You can’t wrap fish and chips in a screen. Nor can you stuff it under Lulu if she looks like she may have an accident (she was sick yesterday again, poor mite). Well, I suppose you can but it tends to reduce the screen clarity somewhat.Read All About It!Next is the standard obstacle course of mainlanders pulling suitcases. They shop ’til they drop then go home. Some unkindly refer to them as locusts. CasesAnd this is a by product of another invasion – Apple’s iPhone 6. Touts buy them by the shed load and then re-sell them immediately. Mainlanders pay a premium as they can’t easily get them at home. A double scourge.ApplePerhaps I have iPhone envy as I am still languishing on my iPhone 4s. It needs cranking up in the mornings these days. But who am I to criticise as I fall roughly into the same bracket. I would not however buy from a tout on the street. I’m like the guy on the right, I just walk on by………

My other photos were failures. All these were taken on the Fujifilm X100s, another out of date model. I could call it Twiggy.

18 thoughts on “Causeway Bay

  1. Ah, the fish & chips wrapped in newspaper. The lovely smell as the print heats up, the steam all pervasive. The health of the oil being absorbed in the paper instead of inside your bowels. I remember it well.

  2. Was the gentleman with the newspapers possessing a new identity and hiding from some international organization? He doesn’t look too thrilled about being made famous by the esteemed Mr. Ha.
    It is buoying to know that papers are still in circulation and in demand. That said, if yours are anything like ours, being placed under an unhappy dog is about all they are good for.

    Feel better Lulu!

  3. I really like the shot of the newspaper guy. He looks so serious. And the hawkers selling the phone or whatever is very interesting.

    Will you be able to keep Lulu inside the plane with you when you leave HK? I sure hope so. She’ll need all sorts of papers I suppose to deem her fit to enter GB. Be sure that she is not fed for x hours? before the flight. You’ll need to consult with your vet about that. You don’t want up-chucking. Maybe some sort of meds for upset stomach to take with you in case she becomes airsick. I’m not trying to be a downer here. Just thinking of a very long flight. Maybe a break for an over night? But I’m pretty sure you and Mrs Ha have already been thinking of all the ramifications of Lulu moving.

  4. I hope HM Lulu is feeling better. I’m staying with my BF, who has 2 royal poms. I will photo soon.
    So glad to hear all is going forward with your move.

    • Hello stranger. Happy new year and all that. The Shrimp! Is she still around. Probably having a chinwag with Mary Quant. I rather liked Twiggy but what did I know? Any blog posts cooking?

  5. Thank you for the follow, I am on the run this morning I am going to a new doctor and I a little anxious about all of this. Wish me luck, talk to you when I get back, thank you again

  6. I had a iPhone 3 for ages! iPhone 4 is perfectly fine in comparison. Although it would have been nice to have a better camera for dusk shots in the winter. 5 I believe is better. I went to a friend’s exhibition and one of the exhibitors makes pictures solely using iPhone and effects – sounds much simpler than it must be, judging by my shots. Just walk on by, that’s the best thing to do…

    • There is a guy here called Liam Fitzgerald who shoots with his iPhone and has held exhibitions. Very accomplished. I can barely get mine to work.

  7. There just somethings you can’t replace. I love to hold a book in my hand and read it. There is something about holding it that brings me closer to the book, to the author, to the story, then reading it off a screen. I love shopping that way to. Old school, you know, thank you for your post, great stuff

    • I love real books too, Sheldon but I also enjoy my e reader for its practicality. I can travel with half a dozen books, refer to old ones on the go and it has a built in dictionary 🙂

      I want the best of both worlds.

  8. I love the thought of the “locusts” descending and the newspaper vendor shot is a gem. Glad to hear that the relocation is moving forwards. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year

  9. So, Mrs Ha has a black belt in shopping; my ex-wife had one too. although she never qualified for the Olympics. I may take up on your newsprint theme today, if I can find the right images…


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