The ascent of Everest

A month ago that was how it felt climbing the hill behind the house. Today I walked up without a problem. I decided to walk light – just my binoculars round my neck and the 180 macro lens on my trusty 5D3. I took some decent enough idea shots but the lens was a bit heavy to hand hold so most of the photos were deleted because there was slight motion blur (user error) or lacked the DoF I wanted.

I was happy to see Asian Stubtail, twice! Not rare but secretive, I picked them out on call. Too far for the 180 lens. I also saw a flock of 5 Hwamei and some Black-throated Laughingthrushes. The Yellow-browed Warblers were still flitting in the tree canopies but still no Bluetails or Robins. So I contented myself with trying to paint with light:Tree


16 thoughts on “The ascent of Everest

  1. Good for you, Mr. H. You might be able to leave me in your dust now. 🙂

    While I do agree that the first may have a bit on the second, I enjoy the shadows of the leaf and twigs in the second. Possibly a shuffle to the right and tighter framing would make you happier with this? Both seem rather meditative. 🙂

    • Could be, Steve but then I lose the lichen. Decisions, decisions. I was also surprised how quickly the shadows changed as I was faffing about trying to find the right frame.

  2. E dopo questa scalata dove pensi di arrivare?? Io ti auguro sempre più in alto 🙂
    Mi piace molto la prima foto!!
    Un caro saluto e tanti auguri per l’Anno Nuovo, che porti tanta positività e cose belle a tutti quanti.
    Ciao, Patrizia

  3. Glad to hear that you’ve conquered your mountain and discovered it isn’t so high after all. It sounds like you are well on your way in your recovery! Happy New Year!

  4. Very nice work on the climb and the photos. Not sure about the camera, but the lens certainly beats a long lens in weight…hehe. Good choice on that account.

  5. From Everest to a mere hill. Now that is what I call progress. The first photo of the tree with the vines wrapping around the tree set against a dark background got my attention. I like that one very much.

    • I just saw the tree shining amongst the rest of the undergrowth, Gerard. Then it was just a question of framing and making sure I did not overexpose the tree.

  6. Not exactly walking light with a 5D3 + macro! I suppose it’s a matter of perspective (I have an old G11 and I think that’s bit heavy some days when I’ve crammed it in my handbag!). But it seems to makes a great travelling companion and I love the first shot especially.

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