Less is more?

I was accompanying Mrs. Ha on a brief foray to the supermarket after lunch when I spotted this opportunity.Carrots

Now then…….. it seems I have a choice of organic, less chemical and perhaps more chemical carrots. They are, note you, from Japan, the land of the luminous legumes. I suppose they could have been on sale in Fusion (or Fission if we had one) but that would have been too good.

Who I wonder, goes into a supermarket thinking: what I really need today is some less chemical carrots.

1 carrot – HK$22. That’s about US$3. Or almost £2. That’s a lot of yen for a carrot.

Sadly Mrs. Ha did not opt for the less chemical variety. What a shame. I think they get should get glowing reviews.

31 thoughts on “Less is more?

  1. Wow! And to think I was worried because our carrots, grown in a rather-too-shallow bed (we have a layer of clay under the soil) came out a funny shape. They were almost round — and no, they weren’t intended to be round carrots. But after seeing this, I’ll never complain about almost-round carrots again!

    In any case, we’ve now dug the bed deeper and put more veggie soil on top of the clay in the hope we may eventually end up with elongated carrots …

    I think you’ll enjoy carrots more back in Britain, Andrew 🙂

  2. Se le hanno trattate con prodotti chimici e lo hanno scritto, sono anche stati onesti, solitamente non lo scrivono, anzi fanno di tutto per nascondere queste notizie. Boh, chissà…..
    Ciao, Pat

    • Please do Hilary. It may not just be carrots. There may be other veggies lurking out there with a ‘less chemical’ tag. For some reason as part of my post op meds cocktail I am forbidden grapefruit. No idea why. Too many chemicals perhaps? Happily ice cream is still allowed.

  3. You crack me up! Less chemical carrot, huh? I’m somewhat stunned they need chemicals in the first place. Carrots are pretty hardy and have less issues than other veggies.
    Funny, degree in carrotry…

  4. I hope you are ok with what I wrote about death, it was a cleansing for me. I’ve been waiting for it to come out of me for a long time. I hope you understand
    As always Sheldon

  5. Whomsoever came up with this bargain should get the carrot sack. You might want to bring a few of the more chemical variety back to GB to use as glow sticks at night.

  6. Oh my goodness, Do the vendors have any sense at all? Less chemical is just too much for me to digest- thought wise that is! No government monitoring or anyone that cares. How stupid for those sellers to put a label such as that on a product.

    When you get to GB I hope that you will have a some land where you can grow some of your own healthy food or at least buy it from organic farmers.

    I believe for the price of the carrot that it must be gold plated. What a rip off.

  7. Oh that is for a single carrot, never seen carrots sold like that. A normal carrot contains; moisture (88.8%), protein (0.7%), fat (0.5%), carbohydrate (6%), total sugars (5.6%), crude fiber (2.4%), Ca (34 mg/100 g), Fe (0.4 mg/100 g), p (25 mg/100 g), Na (40 mg/100 g), K (240 mg/100 g), Mg (9 mg/100 g), Cu (0.02 mg/100 g), Zn (0.2 mg/100 g), carotenes (5.33 mg/100 g), thiamine (0.04 mg/100 g), riboflavin (0.02 mg/100 g), niacin (0.2 mg/100 g), vitamin C (4 mg/100 g). I wonder what they have taken out for those carrots. Mrs Ha maybe was wise to go for a normal carrot.

    • It is not what they have taken out that worries me, Ben. I suspect it means they have been treated with less chemicals than others as neither is organic.

      • Of course, I would also wonder not just about chemicals used to help our food grow but with organic where it has been grown due to the natural or even unnatural atmospheric chemicals. Japanese organic carrots from fukushima.

  8. 3 dollars for a single carrot.? How much is HK air? Does it come organic or is it tinned and pasteurised?
    I wonder how much curly Kale is over there? Ah, the dales of Wales must be beckoning.

  9. Oh, Andrew, it’s just one of those coin-toss decisions!
    What I do know to look out for here is the Baby Carrots that come in little plastic bags. Some are genuinely little/petite carrots and very good. Others, though, and sometimes even the organic brands–you don’t know for sure until you eat one because the process can be disguised –but they are really actually big and sometimes tough carrots that have been cut to size remove problems and/or to look like small, sweeter ones.
    Go figure.
    Choosing carrots is tricky business!

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