Mr. Kaboom

Otherwise known as The Balloon Man. To be found on the front at Sai Kung whenever the sun shines and the crowds are likely to turn out. He does requests and today he was busy with a bravura bespoke balloon commission. I took a few shots.




I wonder how long it will be until the balloons wear off for the child and he is demanding computer games.

Now if that was the sublime I feel obliged to share the ridiculous. Madam (I assume it is a ‘madam’) has lost her sense of fashion, I’m afraid. Colour coordinating with your dog is fine but there are limits. You don’t need to emulate its hair ‘style’ too.Fashion

I think I shall go and lie down until the horror wears off. Or perhaps I need Mr. Kaboom to cheer me up with a balloon. Pomeranian shape of course.


19 thoughts on “Mr. Kaboom

  1. I like that creation the cute little fellow is carrying away with him. I hope it lasted a while.

    That ‘thing’ milady sports on her head would do well as a scarf in the Venetian winter. Was it a cool day?

  2. I can’t stop laughing Andrew, that women is great, I need more of that this morning. Those b/w are great as well, keep doing what you do you do it better than well you do the do

  3. Oh boy, The woman carrying the dog is a doozie. Looks like some of the characters one can see in Walmart but without the dog of course. The awful part of it all is that she thinks she looks outstanding. I feel for the poor dog.

    • I started shooting behind Mr. Kaboom deliberately to capture the crowd. They interested me more than he did. The problem is framing something with so many people around. At one point I was kneeling down and wondered if I was going to get trodden on. I used a fixed focal length lens and that means to reframe you have to move. You can’t zoom. Very tricky!

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice to follow The Balloon Man’s example and spend our lives at the happiness of others.

    The woman at the last reminds of the parades seen in San Francisco in the late 60’s although I think that her motivation was a bit different.

    • He seems a very contented man. He told me doesn’t have a TV which I think helps. If you are insulated from the torrent of doom and gloom then perhaps it is easier to make others happy.

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