15 thoughts on “A walk on the sunny side

  1. These are great, Andrew. I particularly love the second one. It’s calling out for a caption – I’m not sure that I’d be brave enough to lie in such close proximity to my husband’s backside under his coat…..just sayin’ 😉

  2. These are great! I love the relaxing couple. It just makes you want to take a deep breath in and go ahhhhhhhh.

    • The sleeper is not so easy to see. I tried various tonal changes but essentially this photo hasn’t worked as well in monochrome as I hoped 😦

  3. Great shot of the concentration. Excellent B&W of all pics. I laughed at the 2nd one with the woman shielding her face from the sun by using her man’s jacket. Innovative. 🙂

    • Many Asians are sensitive to the sun and cover up exactly when many Caucasians are trying to get a tan. Of course she mean just have been sleeping.

  4. Molto belle questi scatti di vita reale, mi piacciono molto, bravissimo.
    Anche se hai problemi, riesci sempre a trovare la soluzione e alla fine le foto sono molto molto belle.
    Ciao ciao, Pat

  5. Andrew these are beautiful, the rawness of them are perfect. The woman’s expression makes me think she didn’t know you got off a shot. Great that you did b/w, love that way best. Great work

    • Thank you very much Sheldon. I get 2 images each time I shoot. A RAW file and a jpeg. I set my jpegs to B&W and I can get an immediate sense of whether it ‘works’. I prefer B&W.

      • Andrew you have been a refreshing drink in an otherwise desert parched setting. I thank for all your support without you and the other, there wouldn’t be The Professional Cannon, thanks

    • These shots are easy when people are so engrossed, Sheldon. They just shut themselves I to their own little world. I love people watching

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