Winter walking

I enjoy winter walking. My hill walk is along a narrow single-track road. It is hard to see much but I do my best, peering through though the roadside scrub, pausing whenever the trees thin out. I check the rustling of leaves….. a thrush turning leaves or a boar? Where is Fizz when you need her?

Half way up the hill there is a gap. This is the view over the Kei Ling Ha Forest. Just below this point is an area reliable for Asian Stubtail. Occasionally Crested Goshawks or Crested Serpent Eagles cruise overhead.KLHforestAnd as I walk back down in the fading sun I am struck by the simple glow of setting sun on the roadside bank. Nothing in particular to see but it made me feel good.Winterglow2Back home to a joyful dog, demanding her afternoon snack, a call with an old friend, checking on my recovery and waiting now for Mrs. Ha to return. We will eat out tonight. A good end to a tedious day of sorting, throwing and packing things, ready for the movers.

12 thoughts on “Winter walking

  1. It’s a jungle out there. You really must settle somewhere in the countryside so you’ll have something similar of where you are now. A place for discovering birds and landscapes to photograph and street people. Meeting all that criteria seems like a tall order. And you need to be near a top notch MD and a veterinarian, and etc.

    You sound as if you have or are recovering your strength. That is great.

  2. Looks like a lovely place to keep the feet moving with plenty of breaks for discovery, Andrew. So glad that your recovery continues in a positive direction.
    And, what, you are ready for the movers? Excellent. Ready for the next stage of adventure. I hope it proves short and comfortable for Lulu. Will you be springing her during the days or will that be too many highs and lows for her?

    • Yes, we do have wild boar. Fizz is FODRambler’s boar hunter hound. A fearsome and fearless ball of fluff. Colin’s blog is a must read.

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