Travel photography

More gems from my trawl through Mrs. Ha’s archive.Pigeon LightMust have a dog 🙂SetterI converted this to B&W. Don’t tell her.shadow walkersThis last one is an oddity. Mrs. Ha mistakenly set her camera to the ‘miniature effect’. I only noticed it a day or so later. So this is me outside one of the art galleries in Madrid. I call it “Toy Boy”.ToyBoy

15 thoughts on “Travel photography

  1. Thank you for smiles all round; for the great light in the first one, the dog’s expression in the second, the amazing silhouettes in the third, and the chance to see someone (even if it is you) cut down to size in the last. It really does look like a small model… how do you do that… (no don’t tell me if it is in photographic language).

  2. The B&W is the fav for me. Love the sun poking thru. I also think people would be happier if we were ruled by dogs….

  3. Love the shot of the dog. I’ve tried to figure out what sort of transportation allowed a dog. Wish folks were allowed to do that here. It looks to be a beautiful English Setter that seems totally bored or miserable. The pic of you might be small but it somehow conveys the fact that you are a tall man. Nice shots- all of them.

  4. I love the sight of a beautiful dog on…a bus? I don’t think you can do that here but I think people would be calmer and kinder if they shared their public space with dogs. Lulu, of course, is far more lovely and would enhance the space accordingly 🙂

  5. Better not show Milo that photo of the crow atop that lamppost. He always goes nuts over crows. People look up expecting a terrorist on the rooftop but all they see is a crow. Well done Andrew, ahem, I mean Mrs Ha.

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