32 thoughts on “Buddha, can you spare a dime?

    • These are all Fuji X-T1 jpegs Ben. I forgot to set the camera to RAW + jpeg fine (my normal approach) but it didn’t seem to matter.

  1. I couldn’t come up with any witty comment this AM. Everyone else was on the ball today. .. Maybe tomorrow.
    Love all the gold bellies.

  2. All that glitters is not gold. My mother said this quite often and she aptly applied this old saying many times. I now find myself saying the same thing.

    Anyhow to get to the crux of this post. That’s a whole “lotta” gold going on and after this posting I think you’ll be finding good karma coming to you and Mrs Ha and of course, let me not forget, Lulu.

    • Poor Lulu is back in “jail” for a whole month. We can’t have her where we are now – no pets allowed – and same applies at the other end. Priority number 1 is finding a pet-friendly rental, Yvonne.

      • Well of all things. That is the pits and I do mean the pits. For Pete’s sake what is wrong with all those people. Exceptions should be made. A pet deposit for small dogs. I’m thinking that Lulu is wondering what has gone wrong and that she likely feels depressed. I hope it is not being too traumatic for her.

      • Yvonne, we spent about 90 minutes with her this morning as she hadn’t eaten much. She was so happy to see Shirley and immediately ate well. The rules are very strict I’m afraid and they won’t make exceptions. We will try to spend as much time as we can with her.

      • That is the saddest thing for that little dog. I hope time passes rapidly and the three of you can be on your way. Will she need quarantine in GB? That is just one more piece of nonsense. Shirley will need to see her every day so that she will eat. I really feel for Lulu. She must be miserable.

  3. Such a variety of pictures, Andrew! The last one reminds me of a golden Budda-type Janus, two-faced, one looking at the past and the other look forward to the future.

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