Alexander Grantham

Born in 1899 Alexander Grantham had a successful career as a Governor of Hong Kong (and Fiji). In his spare time he was a fire boat. At least I think so. The evidence is compelling.

AG Life Belt

AG bell

I had a walk round Sir Alex yesterday, mainly because he is free to visit. Here are my snaps of the great man’s alter ego. Starting with a signature – Noel MacLehose. NM’s husband was also a governor of HK and invented a 100km trail, which is walked each year for charity. Some wag decided to call it Trailwalker. The master of wit and repartee strikes again.AG address book

There are various Fire Service insignia attached to Alexander’s interior.FS isignia

He even had his own coat hook. There’s posh.AG coat hook

He could aim his water cannon very accurately, especially if the Occupy Central protesters forgot their umbrellas. This one isn’t so good unless he is trying for a long distance splash back. (It’s a man thing, ladies).Fire hose

HKFS insignia

Here is his engine room – I am surprised the copper pipe has survived. In Essex it would have been nicked toute de suite.Engine room

He was a big fan of education and had some basic numbers painted on his front end (or was it his rear end?) to help the children of HK learn to count.DSCF7595If any of this is true I shall be astonished. But you never know.

13 thoughts on “Alexander Grantham

  1. Alexander Grantham it appears was rather famous. He must have been an impressive man. I’m glad that all things on the fire boat are still intact. So nice that it’s in good condition and something for locals and tourists to visit and get a bit of history. The photos are great. I like the ones that you posted here.

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