Seven Facts

Boeta at Our Rumbling Ocean has revealed seven facts about himself and his family and linked to 15 blogs we might like. The idea is that each link-owner should do the same.

I won’t give you 15 links but I will update my blogroll so you can choose. It has not been refreshed for a while and I need to add some of my newer followings, including of course Our Rumbling Ocean.

I can probably do 7 facts. Here goes:

I can’t draw or paint to save my life. I struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler. So I write and photograph as my creative outlets. I have huge admiration for those who are artistic.

I can’t play a musical instrument. My father was a good pianist and my brother could play and was a choral scholar at an English cathedral. Where did the musical gene go?

I am a much better teacher than I am doer. Does as I say not as I do.

I have spent most of my life since 1997 in Hong Kong but I don’t like Chinese food much. I tolerate it at best.

My ideal day is spent travelling with a camera in my hand and my wife by my side. I have visited all 7 continents and if there were an 8th I would want to go there.

I am arguably the world’s most intolerant driver. I, of course, am perfect and everybody else is  a menace to safety on the road. The older I get the stronger my conviction becomes.

I am totally unable to understand modern technology. It intimidates me. Unless I can plug and play I hate it. I spent 2 hours last night trying to get a wifi router extender to work. Failed. I want to go back to the 1960s.

So there we are. 7 facts about the real me. But are they true?


21 thoughts on “Seven Facts

  1. Yes, Andrew, I believe everything that you have written. 🙂 How do I know? A “big bird” told me some of it and the rest I deduced from various and sundry ways, 🙂 I love those seven facts. 🙂

    • You are very perceptive, Yvonne. Do you have a date yet for your procedure? I keep think about it and hoping for a smooth and successful op. for you.

      • I reckon it will be 2nd week of Feb. I should not have put it off but I was dealing with lots of depression about the time you had your op done. The blood thinner is about to kill me and I stopped it for several weeks- will have to begin it again. I suppose tomorrow. I have been feeling terrible. Very weak, so I need to get the procedure done.

        I’ve been working on 2014 butterfly post for about two months. Spent too much time editing,etc. Trying to make it as educational as possible. I get tired so easy and now I’m just about sick of the cotton picking post. Might have it ready in about 3 days. 🙂

      • The meds can be very debilitating. Even afterwards you cant get away from them immediately. Just try to take it as easy as possible. I am still in sinus rythym and seeing my cardio tomorrow for the 1 month check. You will feel very different after a successful procedure Yvonne.

  2. Well, the Chinese food aversion will soon end. Mrs Ha will put Welsh rabbit on the table, 24/7 rugby on telly and rollicking times at the local will be the norm.
    Your artistic output will thrive and many a time we will all be waiting for your creative output.

    • The rugby will be a great relief Gerard. Nowadays I have to watch at bizarre times from 10pm to 3 am depending on kick off time. No local for me but perhaps a nice Winchester bistro.

  3. I think I do…at least a bit more interesting then ours…he he. The 7 continents is the one I would like to copy for sure and the camera and family bit hits home for sure.

  4. This was fun! For example I no idea that you weren’t that keen on Chinese food but some of the other facts I’d guessed from things that you’ve written about before. Visiting all 7 continents is pretty impressive and though you say that you can’t draw or paint, you are a mighty fine photographer 🙂 7 interesting and illuminating facts, thanks Andrew 🙂

      • OK, I like my Chinese food to contain just dead animals too. My bleeding heart would never allow me to kill something for consumption. That’s what butchers are for and I don’t want to cause any to become unemployed..

  5. I believe every word, Andrew.

    I love Chinese food…among most other varieties as well, although there are a few I’ve never experienced. I am not a fan of Sushi.

    I am quite sure there is much more of interest about you. Tell us more. 🙂

  6. “Getting to know you…” Great fun. I would like to go back to the 60’s as well. I love to watch old TV shows and be reminded of how innocent things were back then. Ah, well. My daughter wants to visit just 3 countries: Scandinavia, Great Britain, and France. And Germany. My mother was a great traveler, but I crave a home from which I shall not venture.

  7. An endearing collection. I think you must be better at technology and more artistic than you think, or you wouldn’t create so many stunning photos. Seven continents… ah me, I have only managed three and I fear that may be my total. Still you never know.

  8. Sadly, my blog isn’t that sort of blog, i.e. because I’m telling a story (which is supposed to be at least partly coherent) I can’t just dash off and add 7 facts about myself. Pity 😦

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