Cupboard Love

30 years on and still in the cupboard.

Dad would be happy the rations got through.

Criss Cross Quiz anyone?


19 thoughts on “Cupboard Love

  1. There’s something to be said about keeping memories alive, if there is a strong connection that where the love lies, I love this theme
    As always Sheldon
    Thank you for your support and encouragement Andrew,your words and thoughts always mean a lot to me

  2. So sorry that comment is not complete. I’m going to chunk this computer into the thrash. It went off on its own. I keep getting these stupid pop ups. Anyway, I love those pics. The cubes served you well because they made your day when you got that package from your dad.

  3. I loved reading your Dad’s letter about the OXO cubes. Thanks for sharing it. Next question: what kind of care package will you need from Hong Kong once you reach the UK?

    • We had a battle royal over importing Mrs. Ha’s favourite rice in our container, Karolyn. We lost. She is now worried. Can we buy industrial quantities of Golden Phoenix Thai rice in Aldi, I wonder.

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