Down Time

After two days of hell with packers roaming the house like hyenas today we have a down day. A visit to Lulu was the highlight this morning. After lunch Mrs. Ha practised her nap-fu and I went for a walk. Tonight I am hosting a dinner for some friends at the club. I may even shave for the occasion.

The camera goes most places (but not in the club – strictly verboten) and I have a bit of a mish mash today. Starting with another look in the Tin Hau temple.Fortuneteller2bAnd in a totally logical progression, some yacht racing. I have some photos of one boat heading straight for the wall and then swerving away at the last minute. They will have to wait for another day. A razor blade is calling me.RacingyachtsFollowed by some geometryTreelinesThis chap was found, believe it or not, half-hidden by a drainpipe in a small side alley.We were both amused. [PS: this is apparently Sau Sing Kung, God of Longevity.]HappystatueAnd finally a newspaper reader outside the temple. Clearly he has observed protocol and packed up his skateboard.ReadingpaperDare I show Mrs. Ha? I’m not sure. I will need permission to post the photo of her and Lulu. Its a gem 🙂

31 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. Excellent assortment of pictures, Andrew, but as you know, I’m always drawn to the ones that make great writing prompts. The first is a jewel for character “perspective”–angles and different accesses–wonderful color and contrast.

  2. Wonderful photos! I enjoy the temple shot.
    On an off topic, I’ve not seem any posts or likes from AV in a long time. I know folks do stop writing from time to time. I just didn’t feel he was that type.

    • I have e mailed him. No reply yet. I do hope they have not deported him. I don’t think he would just stop without a farewell. Extended power cuts perhaps?

      • Let’s go with the power cuts for now. Even if he got the boot, I’d still think he’d have a few days to collect his things. . Say toot-a-loo to us. . Thanks for the info.

  3. This is a nice collection of shots, although I must say I’m disappointed. No dogs? No birds? But a very jolly old man, and a young man reading a paper. I particularly like the first shot. I dream of having a circle doorway. I believe in a garden that is called a “moon gate”, am I correct?

    • It is a moon gate, Melissa. Very good. I didn’t know that until somebody commented. It is rather impressive. Not much wildlife where we are now but I did find a Chinese Blackbird in the bushes yesterday being harassed by a Magpie Robin. That was a pleasant surprise. No photo I’m afraid.

  4. I like all the shots but the man with his head buried in the newspaper takes top billing. I am partial to the street scenes. Please do ask Ms Ha for permission to post the pic of her with Lulu. I’m sure it’s a jewel.

    Glad you had a luscious meal with your friends. As that song goes, “Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do.” But you will be seeing them again since you are keeping a casa in HK and you have business ties. And the daughters are there. All sorts of reasons to return.

  5. These are just divine. I’m trying to find my favorite…think I’ll go with the first!! Good luck with your dinner tonight! Shaving? Sounds like and A List event!

    • The food was superb. I did indeed shave. I’m not sure about an A list event. Just 7 friends together, a private dinner to say farewell. So good in fact we are going to do it again on Saturday with an 8th wonder of the world to make the company complete. I agree with your choice of photo :-))

  6. What is for dinner? Can you save a few scaps? I’ll be waiting outside dressed in a beige coat with handknitted scarf. As I shake hands just hand over the tucker in a paper napkin. Taa.

    Great photos especially the b/w

    • The food was divine, Gerard. We started with duck, then seafood bouillabaisse, a choice of tenderloin or cod and then what was billed as ‘contemporary banana split’ – mostly chocolate, ice cream and some banana with macadamia nuts for added protein. Coffee and petits fours. A full bar available for those who cared. I looked for you afterwards but the policeman said he’d moved someone on. Was that you?

  7. I like the first view into the portal at the temple. Is a fortune being told? In a way the geometry shot reminds me of the image of the children and towers the other day. I think your newspaper reader needs a trip to the optometrist.

    Don’t forget…the best shave happens on the upstroke and let it soak in the creme for a moment first. 🙂

  8. love the B/W, what time is the party I seem to have misplaced my invitation, I need to know if it’s black tie or not,this is a special occasion l don’t want to look out of place

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