25 thoughts on “Fibonacci’s snail

  1. A good workout design for who/whom ever likes to walk/play. It looks like a maze to me. We should have some of those “walk-arounds” over here.

    I don’t know about the math part. I’ve always hated math but the simplest kind.

    Yep, a nice perspective from your advantage point.

  2. You’re always educational Andrew. I had to look up Fibonacci’s snail … only to discover I’ve looked it up numerous times …. but it’s math, and regardless of how many times I read about the Fibonacci sequence, my eyes glaze over at the implications.

    So thanks , …. until the next time someone refers to the Fibonacci sequence and I have to look it up for the F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2} time!

  3. I wonder how many people who use this play area or pass by have any idea of its appearance from above. The designer created a work of art but most likely few can appreciate it. Well noticed, Andrew.

    The idea that appearances can change depending on the angle of view reminded me of this. Maybe you have seen it but in case you have not:

    I take things like your image and the video of the junk pile as inspiration in looking for new angles rather than sticking with the first viewpoint.

    • Well this is right below our balcony Steve so its easy to see. But HK has lots of elevated walkways that give interesting perspectives. It has modest heritage that it seems content to neglect or destroy but it also has a lot of impressive architecture and good design. I think a photographer looks at things a little differently because we are looking for a different interpretation of the everyday. Although I miss the wildlife photography at present the urban subjects are giving me opportunities to see shapes and shadows, lines and light that hopefully hone the composition skills.

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