Temple farewell

In the two weeks I have been camping here I have grown to like the small Tin Hau Temple. I went to say goodbye today and dropped in on Lulu, Queen of all she surveys, on the way. She danced a jig and I made a fuss of her. We may squeeze in one last visit tomorrow.

The temple is a working temple. Busy all day. I took a wider angle lens to try and reshoot my favourite angle without the foreground clutter. The light was not so helpful so these shots are high ISO (6400 in the main). Shot with a Fujinon 14mm (21mm FF equivalent F2.8 lens on the X-T1 body.Altar


Temple interior



The Bell

TinHauexteriorYour good wishes and reassuring messages are much appreciated and if someone could send me a replacement back before we board tomorrow night that would be just splendid.

15 thoughts on “Temple farewell

  1. I love the framed tiger. The whole looks very cosy. Please have coats and rugs ready for the icy blast here. My back (though fine pro tem) would be a bad swap. Just keep annoying the other passengers by strolling up and down and stretching – smiling sweetly the while. The sun WILL shine, the spring WILL arrive. Bon voyage.

  2. Winchester. York, Lincoln, will all look very different from Tin Hau. Fascinating images. But I can imagine the great photographs you will be able to take in the cathedrals where you are allowed to shoot (after paying the fee of course).

    Good luck with the back.

  3. The culture there looks so rich. How lucky that you’ve been able to enjoy it, and lucky for all of us that you have shared it with us in your elegant photography. If you get a new back, may I have a new shoulder…?

    • We could end up ‘The Bionic Couple’, Melissa. My back is highly unpredictable but long haul flights are never good for it. I am hoping I can sleep for much of the time. Does your shoulder bother you when you paint?

      • It does a bit. I’ve found I need to keep the sessions short.
        They should have an aisle for pacing on those long flights, shouldn’t they? It is hard to sit for that long. I hope you’ll be able to sleep.

  4. I’m sure wherever you are going, you will miss this amazing scenery, although I’m sure more scenic views await. You are lucky to be taking these images with you.

  5. I like the 1st & 3rd shot down. Seeing the gold tiger through the circle is very nice. That one is excellent.

    Andrew, you never did say how Lulu will be traveling. I thought maybe she could go as a carry on but then I reckon there would be no place for her to do her “business” since it is a long flight and no stops? I have not the faintest idea of how flights from Asia to Europe work.

    Who will prepare her for shipping and when does that happen? But I imagine that is how she came to you as a puppy from Taiwan via cargo hold. I hate the thought of an animal flying in the belly of a plane.

    It is already Feb 1st for you since HK is about 17-18 hours ahead of Texas.

    My prayers, good karma and, good wishes are being sent to you and Shirley. Take care and safe travels.

    All the very best,

    • Thanks Yvonne. Lulu flies in the hold but not with the cargo. Temperature is controlled between 19-22c. She is crated and has water but no food. The flight is about 12 hours. An agent will pick her up – recommended by friends. She is checked by a vet to make sure she is fit to fly. She arrives, gets checked by the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow and then we can take her home. It costs about US$2,200 for the trip!!

      I loved the photos of the 3 tabbies. Gweenie is gorgeous. Looks like Lulu curled up. 😀

      • Thank you for letting me know about how Lulu will travel. Not knowing the cost I figured it would be between 2-3K but that is money well spent.

        Yes, Gweenie does look like a small dog curled up. Thank you.

      • I’m glad to know about Lulu’s travel too. I was holding my breath till I read this.

        Safe travels Andrew. I’m not following so much of anything but glad I did a bit today.

  6. I am glad that you got to squeeze in another visit. Although I feel bad for your leaving and the doubt you are experiencing, I feel for Lulu the most.
    All the images you have here are enjoyable but the two I like the most would be the dragon, who seems to be sad over your leaving, and I very much like the recomposition of the moongate. The lighting, construction and sense of peace are all there.
    Wave us a toodleloo as you board tomorrow. Safest of travels and a gentle flight, Andrew.

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