14 thoughts on “The Snowgirl

  1. Glad to hear you’ve arrived safe and sound. Love the photo! She looks like she wants to throw a snowball at you πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ˆ

  2. Snow can certainly be a delight – especially when it’s such a tiny amount and no need to shovel the stuff.

    Hope you find the perfect home soon.

  3. Oh it’s so good to see a photo of Shirley smiling in the snow. I hope the two of you are well and that you have Lulu. I hope she is not still in jail because you are living where no pet is allowed.

    And it looks really cold out there in the snow. It’s a “balmy, I think, 50 degrees or so in Cen-Texas today. We’ve not seen any snow or sleet this year and I sure hope that we don’t. We’ve had a few nights with freezing temperatures.


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