Waiting for the fat lady

The last 36 hours have seen a lot of action. We bought ourselves a car yesterday and will take delivery in April. And then today we did a third viewing on our preferred house and miraculously agreed a price, exchange targeted within 28 days. If it goes through we will have a modest 4,000 sq ft country house set in an acre of wonderful Hampshire countryside, 10 minutes from Winchester. There are lots of trees, flowers including a swathe of bluebells and some rough lawn which I will allow to produce what it will. All it needs is a pond.

The house needs some work to satisfy Mrs. Ha but essentially it is a good structure, well laid out and with lots of natural light.

We returned today to a cafe we had tried last week. We had a really good thick lentil and bacon soup and a flat white for me. Delicious. In the cafe was what seemed to be a writers group, reading aloud their essays. Last week it was conversational Italian. There seems to be much to enjoy in Winchester.

The biggest shock was registering with a GP. They asked me for details of my last GP and I remembered his name well as he was Dr. Fitness. Ho ho ho. I could not remember the practice name so we googled him. Aghast, I read that he had been struck off and given a three year supervision order for possessing child pornography on his computer. This was my GP for heaven’s sake. Something was rotten in the state of Bishops Stortford.

Tomorrow is a visit to the kennels to see if Lulu can stay there next month when we have to make a flying visit to HK, it being too far to walk.

So we tick off our to do list at a rate of knots.

What about the fat lady? Well until we exchange contracts and the fat lady sings both sides can walk away. We will be nervous until we get over that hurdle. We have been introduced by my sister-in-law to a brilliant builder. He has inspected the house and will work with us to make our dream home come true. Steve the guitar-playing builder will rock us all over the world, although all over Shawford will do nicely.


24 thoughts on “Waiting for the fat lady

  1. Ugh. Dr. Fitness appears to have been a rotter, Andrew. Hopefully he did not do anything untoward with your x-rays.

    This is quite a bit of good news. A fine home in the country with established gardens and lots of room for Lulu to roam. Just imagine the birds you will be able to attract and photograph.

    No lupins, I trust. 🙂

    • Well, all good things come to those who wait, Joanne. For the same money in HK we could have bought about 1200 sf and no garden in an ugly tower block. We could only fund this because HK property is crazily expensive so we cashed in. I never expected to buy anything like this.

  2. Such excellent news on the new home—even without a pond–and in April you’ll also have a car!
    Not such good news about what the GP has been up to and why he’s on probation. If you’re waiting for the fat lady to sing, I hope she sings loud and clear for the first two on the list, and then gags and walks off stage re: the third.

  3. You are getting into your stride Andrew. Builders, cars, literature readings, Italian culture, latte and lentils. A grand home and Lulu soon chasing the rabbits. What else? Ah, the photos lining up to be taken…

  4. Andrew, the property sounds beautiful and idyllic. And as you have written, all that acre needs is a pond. That will not be difficult to add. A bulldozer for a large one or a few men to dig a small one and add a lovely waterfall. That would really attract the birds. I believe you will be wondering why you and Mrs Ha did not leave HK sooner.

    The child porn/pedophilia seems to be rampant. First you encounter it a month or so back and now your former MD. That had to have been quite shock. Sad to say but there are some real sick-0s out there.

    In my town police detective used the internet to set up a sting and arrested 20 or so men and women. I was aghast when I read the headlines.

    Good luck on getting the property. I hope the final aria is sung soon.


  5. I’m so glad you’ve found a lovely house in a lovely location, Andrew! And it sounds as though you’re really starting to enjoy being back (the lentil and bacon soup sounds great!). Are you planning to start growing veggies in that acre of garden?

  6. Oh, Andrew, Mrs Ha and Lulu, I am so happy for you. I’ll hold my breath or cross my fingers that all goes well with the real estate deal. Yes … it’ll be fingers crossed, that’s easier.

    These doctors! I had a GP where I last lived who got up to some shenanigans with young female patients and ended up struck off the register.

    • We instructed solicitors yesterday Hilary. I don’t need a mortgage but I’m going to instruct a surveyor anyway. The house will cost more than anything I have ever bought so I think it is sensible. I aim to be in by August. We shall see!

  7. I have a book somewhere called the wildlife garden, perhaps ’tis the same book. What a world of difference, and your potential new home sounds delightful. What period is it?

    When I moved to a new area I asked colleagues for a dental recommend. Dr Payne. I should have known it was a mistake to make an appt.

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