Snakes and Ladders

After the serpent conspired to torment me yesterday with venomous phone calls and e mails the ladder took me up a rung or two today.

The good news is that we have found a dog sitter for Lulu. A lovely lady called Nell is going to look after her whilst we are away. We visited her dogagerie this morning and I was adopted by a Labby called Sadie. The Dalmatian won Mrs. Ha’s heart even though it commandeered the basket in front of the Aga. I think Mrs. Ha fancied that for herself. The dogs were wonderfully contented and we agreed immediately that Lulu could ‘live in’ with Nell for 8 days.

The Mrs. Ha was treated to a walk round the Sainsbury hypermarket. She enjoyed that and we bought, inter alia, some dog food for Lulu. This almost caused a problem this afternoon – we spotted that the dog food had been put with the breakfast cereal and the brekkie fodder had been stashed away with Lulu’s bits and pieces. Both in green boxes of similar dimensions. I may have enjoyed the beef and veg flavour snacks but I am not convinced Lulu would go for Bran Flakes or whatever it was we bought. We also bought some Hampshire Hog pork chops for tonights meal. I am staggered how shopping has changed in a decade or more. The level of service has risen dramatically in each store we have tried, from Debenhams to Sainsbury it is very different from how I remember it.

Then came the glorious cherry on the cake. I had to go to my new GP (remember Dr. Odd?) to ask him to authorise my routine blood tests. He proved a splendid fellow – young, articulate, well-informed and very user-friendly. We spent 20 minutes discussing the HK Sevens at the end of which he signed everything I needed and added that he would read the referral letters later. We also touched on the cost of my meds, two of which are an arm and a leg job in HK. Everything is available on the NHS and will cost me a fraction of what I paid in Honkers. The consultation was free instead of £100 and the blood tests were done 2 hours later. Free instead of about £50-60. I rather like the NHS. I think it may catch on as an idea. It does worry me though that it must lose rather a lot of money if I can get gratis what costs me a small fortune in HK. How does it balance the books?

We tried and enjoyed another coffee and cake cafe so all in all we did moderately well today. Resolving Lulu’s digs was the critical piece in the jigsaw.

The day was topped off with arranging to meet a friend and ex-colleague next week. The snakes and ladders of outrageous fortune have worked their black and white arts and yesterday’s Sea of Troubles is behind us. Could it, I wonder, be because I have not been to the bank or the letting agent today? I can only conclude that dogs and cake = ladders and bankers and letting agents = snakes. Now, what was it I did for a living for 35 years? Oh yes. I was that snake. Non-venomous but aggressive if provoked. Letting agents beware.


21 thoughts on “Snakes and Ladders

  1. Glad it all came good Andrew. I knew it would. We are also in the thick of medical waiting rooms with blood tests galore. My dear H has a strange heart sound and also been diagnosed with chronic leukemia. We are more worried about her heart at the moment, but all will be revealed this arfo with the results of her heart-echo.
    Pork tonight. Things are looking up.

    • I hope Helvi’s ticker is sorted out quickly Gerard. Very worrying for you. I hope Milo is being supportive. My mother had leukemia in the 70s and they sorted her out but it took a while. Best of luck to you both.

  2. Your comments about the NHS lead me to wonder what the rate of personal income tax is, in England. And, what is the rate of the VAT?

    That’s such welcome news about finding a good sitter for the beloved Lulu.

  3. You must at some stage have paid National Insurance – so you paid up front for your medical care. Long line the NHS! Give the bank and the agents another day off until your BP has settled. They will come good in the end.

  4. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it, does give you food for thought. I can’t imagine you ever being a snakey banker.

    I’m sure it is a relief to have better insurance/health care and that is what the democrats or rather Obama has been pushing over here. But someone got hold of that bill and there are, believe it or not, some 11,000 pages to the disaster of a health plan. You see the US has some asshat politicians who like to sabotage whatever the the Democrats do to help poor folks. The entire disaster is because the Republicans see AHC as the next step toward socialism.

    Any way you post give me a a soap box and I can’t help comparing the US to the UK.

    I’m very happy to read that Lulu will be having a lovely place to stay.

    ~yvonne d.

  5. Glad today was a good experience. Must be a big relief to have found such a nice ‘sitter’ and companions for Lulu. Even if the breakfast is a little strange.

  6. Very pleased to hear you’re having a positive experience with the NHS, long may it last for you – but twenty minutes with your GP – come on, you must have booked four successive appointments – we’re only allowed five and that includes the scribbling of a prescription 😄

  7. I can well imagine one wouldn’t have wanted to provoke you 🙂

    As to FHS, sigh. Why, why why is the US so afraid of this?? From people who actually use it, I hear only good things. But the frightened rabbits in charge here insist it is the first step to communism or some rubbish and that it doesn’t work. Instead we are now required by law to buy insurance. This in no way makes medical care affordable. As far as I can tell it only benefits the insurance companies. Speaking of a pit of vipers.

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