In search of knockers

Yesterday I wandered back from the solicitors and spotted at least 3 houses with bespoke door knockers. Today I wanted to re-find them. Sadly I could only find one so my memory has failed me already. It is however a very fine one. I would like to find something personalised for our new home if we get to completion.Knocker

I also strolled along the High Street and into the close. This seems to be a weather station built into a wall.Weather Station

Next door is the city’s Coat of Arms,described as “Gules five Castles triple towered in saltire Argent masoned proper the Portcullis of each part-raised Or and on either side of the castle in fess point a Lion passant guardant that to the dexter contourné Gold.”Coat of ArmsThen entering the close we admired the snowdrops braving the chill and rain.SnowdropsIn the close proper we walked round the outside of the cathedral to try and find my brother. There was scaffolding everywhere and it was hard hats only. No entry. But he is somewhere here…unmarked but hopefully listening to the choir as he rests in peace.JAHI stopped in sympathy at the war memorial.The GloriousThere is always something to look at on the building, ancient and modern (relatively speaking). This inscription is a mere century or so old.1912Who knows how long these faces have been silent witnesses to the comings and goings of the clergy.SilentWitnessAt this juncture the rain defeated us and we had to toddle off to meet my sister-in-law for lunch. The afternoon’s surprise is that our new home is a mere 4km from an area licensed for fracking. The surveyor will investigate. We are praying this is not a real issue but we really have no idea. It was not a happy surprise at all. Woe is me…….

13 thoughts on “In search of knockers

  1. I have read that several of the European nations have banned fracking but apparently Britain ain’t one…shame about that. I do hope that you are not greatly affected by that being so close.

    That is quite the impressive knocker. Our front door requires either the push of a button or the rapping of knuckles.

    Nope MPG, that was my first politically incorrect thought too.

    Love the snowdrops.

  2. I had to laugh at your title. . So far, I’m the only sick, humored follower to be giggling.
    Great photos! Ah, snowdrops. We will get a reprieve from winter 😃

  3. The photos are very interesting. I like the door knocker and the built in weather station.

    I don’t know about that fracking thing. I think it makes the ground very unstable. I can not believe that the greedy ba—-ds are doing that in GB as well. But that is what happens when we’ve got vehicles and machinery that runs on gas/oil. I so hope you can get settled in a decent area where there will not be any environmental concerns.

  4. I think you are the very man to stand up to the frackers and the poor councils, who understandably desperate since all the cuts to make money by whatever means. There has to be a better way to keep warm than by extracting more out of the earth’s crust in order to heat ourselves and sending more CO2 into the atmosphere to hasten the end of the planet. A filed of solar panels with sheep grazing between? (I think someone has done this).

  5. Fabulous photos, Andrew — it’s wonderful to see you’re back in photo-taking mode again 🙂

    And that door-knocker is truly wonderful! Perhaps we should consider having one made in the shape of a Santa Gertrudis …

  6. I did some reading about the pros and cons of fracking and can report I was none the wiser when I closed the last screen.

    Here’s hoping things will start to go more smoothly for you folks, and that you’ll soon be proudly attaching your very own door-knocker onto your front door.

  7. Oh, no! I thought fracking was something only (certain) greedy Americans did~ I didn’t know it went on there as well. I pray your community will be able to prevent it.
    And here I was, settling in to enjoy England through your photos. May I call it England? Or is it only correct to say Britain? I shall probably never see it for myself but I have always felt a strong tug at the heart for it.

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